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Storm Area 51 ID Badges are Officially Here

Industry: Technology

Slickwraps the World's Largest Device Skin Maker is now the Official Storm 51 Badge Manufacture

United States (PRUnderground) August 28th, 2019

More than a million people say they want to scale the fences and assault Area 51, a top-secret Air Force installation hunkered down in the Nevada desert. Their hope is to see the aliens who are supposedly warehoused within. The blitz is scheduled for September 20, so mark your calendars.

Or not. The idea for this effort was birthed on Facebook, and it was clearly intended as a joke. But so was Johnny Carson’s 1973 claim that the U.S. was running out of toilet paper – an offhand attempt at humor that triggered a real shortage. So joke or no, the hordes might really show up at the closely guarded federal facility.


Now a music festival called Alienstock will be held in this event’s place, suggesting there will be no bid to discover whether alien technology is hidden inside the base, deep in rural Lincoln County, Nevada.


Slickwraps a company that is known worldwide as making skins for such devices as iPhone X and Note 10 and 4000 other products is now the offical manufacture of the Storm Area 51 Badges. 


Going to Slickwraps design customizer, you will be presented with some fun and exciting ways to customize your Area 51 badge. Upload your profile pic or (avatar) and put your name in the personalized field. Boom! You have an official Area 51 ID Badge that gives you access to the Storm Area 51 Events. 

About Slickwraps

Slickwraps is your premier source for quality consumer electronics protection and accessories. Our products have been featured in many of the top online electronics magazines and techno blogs. Specializing in smart phones and other small electronics, we strive to outclass the competition by selling the highest quality materials at the lowest prices possible. We are constantly searching for new materials and ideas to expand our product line. We provide consumers worldwide with new, one-of-a-kind products.

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