StreamKick Officially Launches – Aims To Solve Live-Streaming Discovery Challenge

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Discovering streamers on Twitch just became incredibly easy and rewarding.

Orlando, FL (PRUnderground) December 19th, 2019

StreamKick, the intelligent discovery platform, today announced its official launch – bringing the best possible live-streaming discovery experience to the world.  With StreamKick, viewers find precisely the content and communities they’re seeking, on a platform that evolves with their changing interests. This ensures the right viewers are in the right channels, helping streamers grow their communities in a meaningful way.

As the live streaming industry continues to mature, an increasing number of content creators are turning to platforms like Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube to showcase their unique talents.  Casual gamers, aspiring esports professionals, artists, musicians, and developers are bringing their special flavor to global audiences, and as their content grows exponentially, so does the need for a video streaming search engine that can keep up.  With that growth, it’s increasingly difficult for viewers to discover creators and communities where they’ll connect and thrive.  StreamKick solves this discovery disparity.

StreamKick arms viewers with powerful filters to narrow the scope of content on Twitch.  Viewers can search by title, genre, theme, platform, and even the range of current viewership for a channel.  Those looking to learn or hone a craft can toggle seamlessly between gaming and creative content, with filters built specifically for the crafting, art, music, cooking, and technology communities, so that finding the best video streaming content doesn’t mean grinding through a quest of impersonal interactions to find a winner.

But discovery is only the first step.  Viewers seek communities where they can form a connection.  It’s the streamer’s personality that wins over audiences and builds meaningful connections.  So as viewers watch on StreamKick, they’re able to rate streams based on four critical personality characteristics: Overall Entertainment, Audience Engagement, Skill, and Sportsmanship / Temperament.  These ratings reflect the core essence of the creator – attributes that charm, entertain, and foster long-term loyalty. It’s what StreamKick calls StreamDNA.

“There are over 2,000,000 content creators across more than 30,000 directories on Twitch alone,” said StreamKick CMO and co-founder Eric Nance.  “We were inspired to create StreamKick based on our own frustrations trying to find great content. A discovery solution was desperately needed. The community shared our struggle, and has been instrumental in bringing StreamKick to life.  We’re thrilled to continue this journey alongside them.”

StreamKick is completely free to viewers and streamers, with enhanced discovery tools available to streamers looking to level up their game.  The team is working diligently to engage with content creators, assisting them in building their unique StreamDNA profile, bolstering their discoverability and audience retention.

To experience intelligent stream discovery, join the StreamKick community and stay current with updates on Twitter (@StreamKick) and on Discord.

About StreamKick

StreamKick is the live streaming industry’s first platform focused entirely on content discovery. By giving viewers the ability to search for precisely the content they want to watch, StreamKick puts the viewer back in command of discovery. Through a proprietary rating and feedback system, viewers aid streamers in building robust, personality-based profiles that are then used to power StreamKick’s intelligent matchmaking discovery engine – ensuring the right content is delivered to the right viewer on demand. StreamKick was founded in 2016 and is based in Orlando, Florida.

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