Streeter App Launches on iOS to Give the Lowdown on What Friends Say is Cool Locally

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Streeter Inc. announces the launch of the Streeter “one-stop-app” on iTunes. Encouraging users to use the app and grow their following, Streeter uses the power of Echo to share information among friends.

Irving, TX (PRUnderground) October 9th, 2017

So, who hasn’t thought it? “What’s to eat and where should I go that’s worth the time and money?” Sure, ads are great but, what if a friend could share information about restaurants, movies, jobs, boutiques, and great malls via push notifications? This is the power of the newly launched Streeter app.  It’s a hub of useful information about what’s great locally based on recommendations from friends. Think a location-based community marketplace where businesses and individuals can buy, sell, and advertise all in one spot.  On the cusp of the newest technology, the app uses the power of Echo to get its users’ recommendations across.

So how does it work with Echo? For Streeter users who have followers, when they happen to find something great that they think would interest their friends, they send a shout out via the app’s Echo feature.  When friends are within a .5 mile radius of the recommended location, they will get a push notification with the number of friends in their circle that recommended it. But it’s not limited; the Streeter app will work for long distances as well.  Say a friend likes a movie in California. They can send a shout out via Echo to a friend in Texas who will get notified and also can get local show times, and cast information by clicking on the notification.  It will even give them the ability to buy tickets through the app. 

Vishnu Kurra, the founder of Streeter Inc., said,  “Why take a stranger’s word for it? All of your friends should have this app so sharing information will be easy and fun. Streeter supports a virtual story feed that gives recent Echo shout outs, comments, and reviews from your friends and an integrated map view of what’s near you.  Businesses can post ads and information for free to the people in their vicinity.  Users can earn points by inviting friends to use the Streeter app. And, by sharing their promo code, they can use the points earned to boost ads.”

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Streeter Inc. is the developer of the Streeter app now available in iOS.

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