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Stunning Soulful & Smart Alt-Pop Singer & Songwriter Marquita Brown Announces Release of her new Song “Jezebel”

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Marquita Brown has dropped her new song “Jezebel” and it may change how you feel about today’s pop music in all of the best ways.

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) February 20th, 2020

Marquita Brown has dropped “Jezebel” and it shows why there is so much talk about this rising artist. Hard to force into a box, she is delivering music from the heart where everything from Michael Jackson’s energy to the spirit of punk can be felt in a way that is a more thoughtful kind of pop. Some may even say a few artists like this come around a generation and Marquita is one of them. Combine this with her awkwardish and quirky personality, and a look that makes many feel included and something very special is going on here. Don’t miss “Jezebel” and don’t doubt what Marquita Brown has to offer.

“Songwriting and producing, as many will tell you, is therapeutic,” commented the passionate artist. “From learning detachment due to several relocations as an adolescent, to ridiculous and sometimes dangerous relationships and situations, to present day working for a domestic violence agency in the Bible belt and everything in between, I have many stories to tell. Sometimes I tell them in a tongue-and-cheek way. Sometimes I tell them in a way where you can’t tell if it’s me or someone else’s story. Sometimes I tell them in a way that’s just meant to make you feel good. No matter the avenue, I hope you travel it with me. I hope we take long journeys together, you and I, to the time when you leave me far behind – you realize you listen because maybe my story is your story, maybe my voice is your voice and, although I don’t represent you, maybe you’ll find a little bit of me in you.”

Other influences easily picked up in her work that touch heart and open eyes for those paying attention include Madonna, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston and Boys II Men to English pop like Tears for Fears. And she tells us, later came, Nirvana, Jewel, Alanis Morrissette, Bryan Adams, Depeche Mode, En Vogue, Foreigner and Green Day. Plus don’t forget gospel like BeBe/CeCe Winans and her grandparents’ country tunes.

Alt-Pop is perhaps the easiest description, but the soulful rock and roll is there as well. All-powered by what seems to be an honesty that is very difficult to find in today’s musicians.

Don’t miss “Jezebel”.

Keep in touch with Marquita Brown at and Find her music on Spotify and across all streaming platforms (and YouTube too).

About Marquita Brown

The South-Carolina-born, Georgia-based alt-pop artist grew up immersed in music. Genre-bending Marquita Antoinette Brown has a simple, classic aesthetic with a style that sits at the intersection of sexy slow jams, soulful blues, and raw rock \’n\’ roll. With sultry vocals and an intoxicating indie vibe, her music stands in a class all its own. For Marquita, transforming a song from words on a page to musical notes and then styled sounds and beats is her therapy. It is also proving therapeutic for her fans, who love taking the journey with her. Today, Marquita works by day for a domestic violence agency in the Bible belt, immersing herself after hours in the art of creating and producing recordings that rouse and energize through the many stories she has to tell.

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