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A vision to instill a positive attitude in today’s youth in order to build up a strong mind in the future society.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (PRUnderground) November 11th, 2019

Since childhood, Faisal always had a strong passion for traveling around the globe and exploring different cultures. He achieved to visit upto 30 countries worldwide, which made this a hobby that predominantly contributed to his knowledge and insight. He uses his invaluable experience and intellect to shed light on the human mind, including its significance and how it invariably influences the decisions an individual makes. Hence,  his ultimate goal is to establish a strong and unwavering foundation as a Success Coach and Motivational Speaker by inspiring and empowering people to not only push themselves against all odds but to thrive at any given challenging situation. 

His solid volunteering spirit & great fervour for helping people was embedded in him since a very young age after he observed and learnt from the most important figure in his life – his mother, who undoubtedly shaped him into the kind, humble man he is today. Therefore, this resulted in him investing his time learning about psychology, understanding and analysing the human behavior and essentially creating significant hypothesis that may very well benefit and aid society. 

Moreover, with his Bachelor’s degree in International Studies combined with years of analysing, studying and observing the human mind and behavior, Faisal aims to create an environment where an individual can overlook their fears without compromising their confidence and ultimately reaching their set goals with the right support and guidance.

With the hopes to see a more confident and empowered youth, Faisal continues to pool in all his efforts, time and hard work towards helping people who are struggling with defining their goals by giving them clarity. This is achieved through training their mind to be prepared to tackle obstacles that may await in their journey in order to achieve their dreams and most important of all, to never give up no matter what the circumstance.

About Faisal Sajwani

An inspiring Motivational Speaker, Faisal Sajwani is a visionary Emirati who has a strong passion for helping people achieve their goals and reach their full potential. He believes that the mind is a powerful tool. Once set in the right direction, it can be used to achieve anything in life. With his guidance, Faisal Sajwani can help you breakthrough challenges and reach your full potential in order to succeed.

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