Successful Sound Designer DJ Rama Releases His Educational Blog for Aspiring DJs to the Public for the First Time

Industry: Technology

Individuals who are interested in learning more about how to excel as a DJ in the new year can now take advantage of a brand-new expert blog website by successful sound designer and audio engineer DJ Rama.

California (PRUnderground) January 28th, 2020

The new blog site, which can be found at, was created with the goal of providing online users with a primer on how to get into the competitive DJ industry. According to DJ Rama, technology is making it increasingly easier for people to assume DJ roles, and as a result, this job field is becoming more and more competitive. However, people who learn to how to stand out in the industry can claim coveted DJ roles and actually be paid to indulge in music and share it with other people.

On his new blog microsite, DJ Rama provides basic information about sound design. For instance, he explains how some DJs record sounds in the real world and then manipulate them using digital audio workstations. In addition, many DJs utilize a variety of software and hardware synthesizers to produce fresh sounds that will captivate the ears and hearts of audiences around the world.

DJ Rama also uses his new microsite to explain how music helps young children to develop mentally. For instance, children learn sounds, movements, temperatures, textures, and visual cues from music, including some of the top pieces by composers such as Mozart. In addition, music can help them to develop more intimate and deeper connections with their parents. In the end, parents may end up encouraging their children to become DJs who are adept at producing unique sounds of their own.

On the website, DJ Rama furthermore uses his blog to educate the public about the DJ career field. For instance, he explains how a music producer differs from an audio engineer. According to him, music producers play a major role in choosing which artists will be used to record certain songs. Then, audio engineers use audio mixing and manipulation to create the kind of sound that the producer desires. Furthermore, he provides tips for DJs who are doing work with live sound, as different artists and venues have varying sound requirements during their live sets.

DJ Rama’s hope with his new sound designer blog site is to teach aspiring DJs how to break into this potentially rewarding field, as well as inspire them to make the most of the career field in the months and years ahead.

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