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Sunrise Premiums On Increased Sales from Travel Vouchers

Industry: Travel

Sunrise Premiums gives you reasons why travel certificates are great for business sales and more.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) April 9th, 2012

Travel incentives are fast becoming a popular choice when it comes to increasing sales and employee morale. Instead of giving you reasons why travel certificates are great,here are some real life results. Because for us business owners it is about RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS!

1. Car dealers typically see a 30% increase in Test Drives, extended warranties and sales when they offer travel incentives (aka Travel Vouchers). Now that is awesome!

2. Creative Fitness Marketing saw an immediate increase in health club memberships when they began to offer a vacation travel incentive. Nothing like handing someone a travel voucher to get them on the treadmill! Gold’s Gym and other facilities use our travel incentive programs.

3. Green Ford saw an increase in the extended warranty program when they added a vacation into the mix. Their sales people were also extra motivated when awarded a vacation voucher for reaching sales quotas. They used my get away packages which you can check out here.

4. Directly from our wonderful client at Westchester Automotive, “Sunrise Premiums’ programs have proven to be the BEST promotional incentives we’ve ever used.” – I love that one!!

5. Kars 4 Kids saw an increase in repeat donors thanks to rewarding them with a nice vacation. Its nice to get that clunker out of the backyard and get a travel voucher in return.

If you are looking for these type of results, consider using travel incentives for your business or non profit.

About Sunrise Premiums

A trendsetter in the Travel Incentives industry since 1997, Steven Kessler launched Sunrise Premiums because he holds the recipe to growing your business. By partnering with with top-notch airlines, hotels and travel businesses worldwide, Sunrise Premiums developed unparalleled results-oriented travel incentive packages for pennies on the dollar.

Sunrise Premiums is constantly on the hunt for innovative ways to meet the demands of a changing market so that customers are assured that they are doing business with the best in the business. Our customers’ satisfaction and that of your customers is secured because unlike most travel incentive providers, all packages/certificates purchased from Sunrise Premiums are backed and fulfilled by our travel partner, Prestige Travel. Sunrise Premiums and Prestige Travel entered into a financial partnership in 2003 to better serve our customers.

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