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SunStream Wellness Celebrates Grand Opening of Little Canada, MN Location

Industry: Health & Fitness

Starting a new business in middle of a pandemic may seem a little crazy. But the owners of SunStream Wellness believe its organic products, nutrition supplements, and health enhancing services are needed now more than ever in the local community. And they are stepping up to help.

Little Canada, MN (PRUnderground) November 13th, 2020

Health enthusiasts in Little Canada have a good reason to be happy. Sunstream Wellness opens its doors with a soft opening on 11/14 offering Organic Products, Nutritional Supplements, CBD oil, and touchless massage, all things in great demand in the local community. Staffed by a knowledgeable and caring team, the new shop embraces the challenges of starting a new business with Covid-19 still going strong. While many advised they wait before opening the new store’s doors, the passionate owners of SunStream Wellness felt the exact opposite. The community is facing many challenges and the products and services the store offers can often be a great help or relief.

“Our mission is to provide women with alternative options to nurture Mind, Body and Spiritual wellness,” commented Michelle Hanson, owner of SunStream Wellness. “We believe in each and every product we offer and in the services we provide. This is much more than a business to us and we hope to see SunStream Wellness embraced as vital and interesting part of our local community.”

The official Grand Opening of the store is scheduled for 11/21 following up a week of SunStream Wellness being active after its soft opening.

According to the new store, they are happy to stock premium quality Organic CBD products, which many people credit as helping with things like easing stress, which there is no shortage of in recent months; carefully selected Nutritional Supplements from well regarded and reviewed and 3rd-party tested brands; a growing selection of organic choices; and much more.

As SunStream Wellness gains momentum its catalog of products stocked will certainly expand. An online shop is also on the way, to make shopping simple for those who may not be able to make the trip to the brick and mortar location.

Nicole Janusch, Assist Store Manager, remarked, “Our team has over two decades experience in healthcare. We take a great deal of pride in our knowledge of CBD and nutritional supplements. We are always happy to talk about our products and educate people who are interested – whether they end up choosing to shop with us or somewhere else.”

SunStream Wellness’s no-touch massage chairs are in private relaxation rooms including one room which is kid friendly making it a perfect choice for moms. Light Therapy is also available as an add-on service to the massage service.

The new SunStream Wellness store is located at 80 Little Canada Road East, Suite 2, Little Canada, MN 55117.

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