Survival Expert Attempting To Cross Death Valley With No Food Or Water

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Wilderness survival expert Thomas Coyne will attempt to cross Death Valley and hike onto Mt. Whitney- while living off the land.

California, United States (PRUnderground) August 31st, 2011

Wilderness survival expert Thomas Coyne is testing his skills once again, this time against one of the harshest climates in the world. Beginning August 31, bringing along no food or water, Thomas will be living off the land his entire journey from the Badwater Basin of Death Valley, Ca, to the Mt. Whitney Portals. The Badwater Basin sits at 282′ below sea level- making it the lowest place in America. This area also boasts the second highest temperature ever recorded on earth (136F), and averages less than 2″ of rain fall per year.

The walk will cover a distance of 135 miles with temps ranging from 70 to 120 degrees F. Water points range from 3 miles to 35 miles apart, with most wild foods occurring at these sites. He calls it; “The Badwater Walkabout”.

“I expect this to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done” says Coyne. “I don’t even know if it can be done. I just know that if it can, I want to be the one to do it. I want to push my limits”

Thomas is no stranger to this sort of thing however. He is the Chief Instructor at Survival Training School of California, and last year, hiked 100 miles across the entire Sierra Nevada Mountain Range- bringing no food, water, sleeping bags or tents. He and his sole partner in that hike lived off the land on that journey as well; foraging wild edibles, drinking from streams, and building primitive shelters the entire time.

The “Badwater Walkabout” will be an interactive adventure, and daily videos will be posted to the school’s YouTube channel, featuring Thomas feelings on the hike, and of course the methods he is using to survive. “Trust, but Verify” Thomas states. “If you’re driving along 190 or 395 when I’m out and about, feel free to stop and I’ll let you see exactly what I have in my pack” He wants people following the event to know it is the “real deal”. “Or you can just honk and wave hi” he says jokingly.

The event is sponsored by Lowa Boots; outdoor footwear made in the E.U. under strict environmental/labor standards.You can view the daily video blogs at: The gear list; one length of string, one 5×6 tarp, one knife, 5 gallons in empty bottles, water purifier, small first aid kit.

About Thomas Coyne:

Thomas Coyne is the modern founder of Survival Training School of California. He has developed its curriculum, produced its manual and video training series, and hand picked its instructors. Thomas first formally taught Native Living Skills at the age of 16, guiding tours through sensitive Native American archaeological sites. He has since taught; wilderness survival, plant identification and uses, and or Native living skills for; The California Native Plant Society, Bakersfield College, W.omen I.n T.he O.utdoors (the largest women’s outdoor association in America), The Boyscouts of America, and the Kern County Native American Cultural Council, amongst others- and has served as as an expert consultant for; The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, ABC, Break Media, The G4 Network, and more.

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