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SYOHN National Listing Service Pushes Ahead, Transforming How Real Estate Listings are Offered

Industry: Real Estate

Buyers, sellers, agents, and renters alike have an exciting, more affordable option to list and view properties

Raleigh, NC (PRUnderground) August 24th, 2022

There is a new real estate listing service in town: the SYOHN National Listing Service, known as  The SYOHN National Listing Service is a new platform changing the way real estate is listed and viewed, and it’s poised to save buyers, sellers, renters, and agents time, money, and headaches.

The SYOHN website was the original concept that morphed into the SYOHNNLS online real estate platform, which offers options to all the aforementioned parties, but in order for all involved parties to really reap the best benefits possible, a new platform was created called SYOHN National Listing Service.

This service was built from the ground up as a direct competitor to the overpriced multiple listing systems that exist. These traditional systems are a hassle, making it difficult and costly to do everything that can be done in the SYOHN National Listing Service for just a fraction of the cost.

As a matter of fact, SYOHN National Listing Service’s packages for listings are just $2 per month. This small price includes an unlimited number of real estate listings. Competitors tend to charge far higher costs, some as high as hundreds of dollars.

“All I ultimately did was give real estate sellers the platform for change, now it’s up to them to make it happen,” said Jason Jean, the founder of SYOHN & SYOHNNLS.

SYOHN partner Steve Fantetti points out that traditional listing services generally do not have true flat rate pricing, a pain point that comes in addition to the other expenses of real estate buying, selling, and renting. “The real estate market is bombarded with endless fees, so we wanted to offer our platform for a price we know will make a difference to all involved parties,” said Fantetti.

Not only was the SYOHN National Listing Service platform designed to be a much more economical alternative for buyers, sellers, and renters, but it was also designed to be a truly user-friendly experience. SYOHN & SYOHNNLS web development partner Ahtsham Ul Haq spearheaded the website’s infrastructure and aesthetics, which have thus far yielded a platform that just makes sense. It’s easy to navigate with a clear flow that directs users to their next step flawlessly. In Version 1.0, the infrastructure was developed in a way that online features could be implemented more easily as the platform expands.

Together, the SYOHN team is working together to forever change the way real estate listings are seen. Gone are the days of mandatory high fees. Rentals can be listed, and for sellers who use a trusted real estate agent, they can now upload their property directly to the SYOHNNLS platform. The SYOHN National Listing Service is poised to disrupt the real estate market in a way that no competitor has done so far. See more at

About SYOHN National Listing Service

SYOHN National Listing Service directly connects homebuyers and selling agents in any zip code, therefore cutting out middlemen and excess costs while offering an efficient, effective, and convenient platform.

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