Tadaoki Kokusai Publishes a Fixed Income Market Report

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The company's market assessment indicates a strong knowledge of fixed income assets among investors - Tadaoki Kokusai.

Osaka, Japan (PRUnderground) April 17th, 2023

Tadaoki Kokusai, a multi-platform asset management firm with a unique approach that incorporates thorough financial planning procedures and offers forward-thinking solutions to its clients, today issued a market outlook that targets individual investors’ knowledge of fixed income investing. The Fixed Income Market Report shows that private clients are increasingly understanding the idea and benefits of fixed income asset investments.

Tadaoki-Kokusai.com is one of Asia’s major asset management companies, having a global customer base. The firm is involved in investment projects that span all major asset classes, and it has noticed an increase in interest and demand for fixed income assets investments from its global family of private investors. This has been evidenced by the data analysis of ongoing strategies for the benefit of private investors.

“Irrespective of the client’s experience, income level, education, or other demographics, the increased awareness we have seen among our clients differs from a better understanding of the definition of bond investing to different fixed income solutions and the role played by this class of assets within retirement planning,” stated Sakamoto Itsuki, Chief Operating Officer of the Fixed Income Division at Tadaoki Kokusai.

The research, which includes responses from a large number of Tadaoki Kokusai private clients, reveals that many of those polled were able to correctly recognize the concept of fixed income investments, which is an improvement over the past period.

Repeatedly, the Fixed Income Market Report has concentrated on fixed income perception, with the goal of tracking private investor knowledge of investment vehicles that are incorrectly viewed as overly complex.

Tadaoki Kokusai is a wealth and asset management company devoted to preserving and growing its clients’ investments. High-net-worth individuals and institutional investors, such as corporations, endowments, mutual funds, charities, hedge funds, and pension funds, are among the company’s clients. Creating long-term value necessitates both effective methods and in-depth knowledge. Our investing ideas and solutions have always been focused on preserving and growing the wealth of our clients. That means we hold ourselves to a high standard, creating and stress testing products and ideas at every stage and rigorously avoiding anything that does not comply with our business principles. Client-centered approach, specialized teams, and bespoke solutions – are essential vectors in developing high quality service. We regard all of them as fundamentals ensuring continuity and innovation.

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We regard all of them as fundamentals ensuring continuity and innovation.

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