Taking Spirituality and Making it Plain, the New Podcast “It’s Life Itself!” Launches to Cut to the Chase

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Bobingen, Bavaria, Germany (PRUnderground) January 15th, 2020

Twice a week a magnanimous reboot is underway. But, is it a call to prayer or a deep dive into what has become an existential crisis in today’s modern world? Oliver Wunderlich, the creator of the new podcast “It’s Life Itself!” says, it’s both. With his own take to what the masses broadly refer to as spirituality, the podcast is poised to put the kibosh on the associated consumerism, superstition, and solemnity. How so? It uses plain spirituality to showcase meaning. There’s no merchandise, no fees, no commercials, no product placement, no newsletter, no mailing list, no seminars, no books, no paywall. Wunderlich believes spirituality isn’t a commodity, it’s a right.

Of the mind that gurus and self-declared masters have made a money-maker out of spirituality, Wunderlich said, “If you need answers for the bigger questions of human existence, you’re on a depressingly dangerous and most likely expensive path.  Let’s make it accessible, compassionate and not in conflict with science. In the end, it simply is part of the human experience.”

To date, some of Wunderlich’s podcast topics include, “Is There a Force of Evil?”, “Is Anger a Bad Emotion?”, “Why Do I Hear the ‘Call of the Void’?”, and “Does Everything Happen for a Reason?” among others.

For more information visit https://mrwunderlich.com.  

About Oliver Wunderlich

”It’s Life Itself!” is a podcast created and facilitated by meditation teacher, Oliver Wunderlich.

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