Tanaza Intelbras Edition received by the Brazilian public with much excitement

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Tanaza and Intelbras together presented their newest product, "Tanaza Intelbras Edition" at various events in Brazil; the product bundles Intelbras' excellent access points with the innovative and multi-awarded cloud management and hotspot software by Tanaza.

Milan, Italy (PRUnderground) February 3rd, 2020

Tanaza Intelbras Edition, presented at Futurecom and during the Wi-Fi Business roadshow all across Brazil, delivers a competitive edge for Small Business companies, with current opportunities for over 10.000 access points just in Brazil.

Tanaza and Intelbras together presented their newest product, Tanaza Intelbras Edition at various events in Brazil; the product bundles Intelbras’ excellent access points with the innovative and multi-awarded cloud management and hotspot software by Tanaza.

“When we started speaking with our friends at Intelbras about partnering, it became instantly obvious that it was great in resolving need in the market. Public hotspots were booming and getting installed everywhere but still IT companies were struggling in finding something that could be on one side affordable and on the other side complete enough and easy to use to provide what was needed. So we decided to combine together their hardware and our software to get the best of both. Their hardware is super high quality and priced in a smart way, our software is able to provide cloud manageability out of the box, Wi-Fi analytics, other hotspot features like advertising, Facebook login and many more.

With this partnership, IT professionals in Brazil can now get the Tanaza software experience together with great hardware and also get all the advantages of working with Intelbras. What we can do with them now is just the beginning.” declares Sebastiano Bertani, CEO and Founder of Tanaza.

“The use of cloud for the management of Wi-Fi networks has been increasing in Brazil and Latin America, it is a natural movement in the Wireless Enterprise Networks market, therefore Intelbras sought a partner recognized worldwide to offer a secure cloud platform with advanced features. The partnership with Tanaza is already a success”, says Carlos Reich, Manager of business networks at Intelbras.

At Futurecom (October 28-31, 2019 – São Paulo) Intelbras showcased their ceiling-mountable access points AP 310, AP 360 and AP 1210 AC to an audience of 29,000 professionals, all featuring the compatibility with the hotspot software Tanaza Intelbras Edition.

In November, Tanaza’s representative Massimo Dragoni traveled across Brazil together with Intelbras’ team to present the product at the Wi-Fi Business roadshow, organized in collaboration with Horus Distribuidora de Soluções Tecnológicas, Distribuidora Route 66 and Plantec Distribuidora.

The next steps for Tanaza Intelbras product include the improvement of UX and UI, with an easier interface that also rounds on mobile phones, fully responsive and with 100% of the features in just one platform supporting  more devices, including all outdoor access points to the offer, and making the installation of Tanaza not necessary. We envision a future with an out of the box cloud experience with no link to do the installation of the software.

After being a speaker at the “Wi-Fi Business Show” events organized in collaboration with Intelbras, Tanaza’s Customer Success Manager Massimo Dragoni declared: “It was great to be on the field, directly meeting so many solution providers that want to embrace the opportunities related to Wi-Fi hotspots. And also, it was so much fun working in person together with the guys at Intelbras. They are very knowledgeable and really close to the market and to their customers’ needs”.

“Thanks to the event, the current sales pipeline for the product is already over 10,000 access points, including both public and commercial locations that will start offering Wi-Fi connectivity – in some cases also with social login and Wi-Fi analytics features” declares Sebastiano Bertani.

About  Intelbras

IntelbrasIntelbras is a Brazilian company with more than 44 years of history, present throughout the Brazilian territory, through its more than 200 distributors and 120 thousand resellers. The industry develops and produces solutions for electronic security, access control, networks, communication and energy, which serve the residential, condominium and corporate market, protecting, approaching, connecting and transforming people´s life. It has four manufacturing units – two in the city of São José (Santa Catarina estate) and the others in the city of Santa Rita do Sapucaí (Minas Gerais state) and in the city of Manaus (Amazonas state); exports to Latin America and maintains an office in China.

With innovation as one of its main pillars, Intelbras maintains more than 300 professionals specialized in the area of research and development, out of more than 3,300 employees. With revenue of 1.9 billion reais in 2019, Intelbras is the leader in Latin America in CCTV, in solutions for condominiums, switches and telecommunications. Intelbras is considered one of the best companies to work in Brazil according to surveys by specialized Brazilian media and several organizations.

For more information visit: https://www.intelbras.com/ 

About Tanaza

Tanaza S.p.A. was founded in 2010 in Milan (Italy), with the goal of disrupting the WiFi market thanks to the opportunity created by the Wi-Fi hardware commoditization trend.

Tanaza is currently introducing its latest innovation: TanazaOS, a Linux-based operating system for centralized wireless network management. TanazaOS is conceived around the disaggregation concept, which means offering the option to select software from one vendor and run it on hardware from a different manufacturer.

For more information visit https://www.tanaza.com.

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