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Tatiana Kukanova to Introduce Photo-Filled Nature Blog Site

Industry: Business

Individuals who love nature can soon explore it in greater depth thanks to a new, photo-driven nature blog site by industry guru Tatiana Kukanova.

Los Angeles, USA (PRUnderground) May 23rd, 2019

Nature enthusiasts can soon explore nature from the comfort of their homes thanks to a brand-new, photo-driven nature blog site by industry expert Tatiana Kukanova.

The new nature blog site, which can be found at, has already gone through months of successful beta testing. As a result, the new site should be available before summer arrives. In this completely free resource, Kukanova looks forward to utilizing her years of experience to help readers to explore nature on a whole new level — and without ever leaving home.

Kukanova decided to create the blog site after developing extensive experience as a well-known nature photographer. Kukanova has been to multiple continents, where she has captured photos of a variety of animals, including lions, whopping cranes, flamingos, Tasmanian devils, kangaroos, and leopards. She is currently taking pictures in Africa, where she is working on snapping pictures of baboons, hippos, rhinos, and giraffes, among others.

Kukanova is passionate about capturing today’s wild animals because she is concerned about how technology and modern development are threatening these creatures’ existence. According to Kukanova, many animals are becoming homeless because builders are erecting infrastructure in their natural habitats. To make matters worse, some people are hunting these creatures for sport or to sell their meat or fur for money.

Another issue that Kukanova highlights on her blog site is the push to increasingly place wild animals in theme parks and zoos for attraction purposes. According to Kukanova, removing animals from their natural habitats will only harm them long term, as not every zoo owner is adept at working with these animals.

In light of the above, part of Kukanova’s drive for creating the photography-filled nature blog site is to call attention to the beauty of animals and motivate readers to play a part in protecting them — and in preserving nature as a whole.

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