Team Stradale Announces Better Insurance Option For Exotics and Supercars Than Crossing Fingers

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Team Stradale, the full-service race shop, race consultants and driving school that makes its home at the Autobahn Country Club, is proud to announce Supercar insurance

JOLIET, IL (PRUnderground) May 13th, 2016

Team Stradale, the full-service race shop, race consultants and driving school that makes its home at the Autobahn Country Club, is proud to announce that when it comes to insuring your exotic or supercar for on-track use, there is now a better option than crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

Thanks to Team Stradale’s new partnership with The Open Track, the same goes for wishes and prayers, which, while still welcome on the track, can now be supplemented with affordable, purpose-built insurance.

“We noticed a lot of people coming into the shop, asking if we sold four-leaf clovers or lucky rabbits’ feet to protect their cars on the track,” said Team Stradale Principal and Head Driver Francesco D’Avola. “So, we decided to offer what we think is a more practical solution by partnering with The Open Track.”

Traditional insurance stops short of coverage for on-track use, leaving drivers on the hook for any damage to their cars. Other options have limitations like having to purchase or register for coverage on a per event basis, coverage not being transferrable to multiple tracks, requiring additional underwriting, high deductibles, capped vehicle values, or angry leprechauns who can turn on you at a moment’s notice.

The Open Track is different. They are the only standalone insurance policy exclusively made for high-value supercars and exotics with regular track use. Coverage is for unlimited use, unlimited vehicle values, with reasonable deductibles, and is available at over sixty-five tracks throughout the US and Canada.

“We aren’t in the business of answering prayers,” said Founder and Managing Partner of The Open Track, Ben Phillips. “Unless those prayers are for a company to provide common-sense insurance coverage in an unlimited use annual policy for all non-competition tracking. In that case, yes. We are in the business of answering prayers.”

Until now, on-track insurance for supercars and exotics has been somewhat of a unicorn. But thanks to Team Stradale’s partnership with the Open Track, coverage on track day is no longer the stuff of myth and legend.

To celebrate this partnership, Team Stradale is offering a 10% discount to its customers when they sign up for insurance through The Open Track. Now, drivers can feel good about rolling out on the track, without rolling the dice.

To learn more about The Open Track, their policies and to get a quote, visit, or email Jerod at

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