Team Stradale offers Helicopter charter service to Autobahn Country Club

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Team Stradale’s “Arrive and Drive” Service Now Goes Above and Beyond - Literally

JOLIET, IL (PRUnderground) June 22nd, 2016

Team Stradale, the Autobahn Country Club based race shop, consultants and driving school, has already revolutionized the track day experience with their innovative Arrive-and-Drive concierge service. Now, Team Stradale is going above and beyond by partnering with Helimotion, the Midwest’s premier helicopter charter service, to take a day at the track to the next level.

“We’ve done everything we can to make our Arrive & Drive service as efficient as possible,” said Team Stradale Principal, Francesco D’Avola. “When you show up at the track, your car is ready to go and you can hop in and start driving. It’s amazing.” But what about before you show up at the track? What about getting there in the first place? That’s a part of the process that up to now has been seemingly out of anyone’s control.

The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but one look at a map of the Chicagoland area will show that getting to the track can sometimes feel like a bevy of twists, turns and roadways that shoot off in every direction. Not to mention the seemingly endless line of traffic. “Getting to and from the track is easily the least efficient part of the experience,” continued D’Avola. “So we started thinking, how can we help deal with this problem? You could go through the traffic with a bulldozer. That’d be faster, but not very efficient. You could dig out an underground path directly from your home or office with some sort of tunneling device, which would be a more efficient path, but wouldn’t exactly be fast. Plus, what do you do with all that dirt? So what’s left? Go over the traffic? But that would require flying…”

Yes. Yes it would. And that’s why Team Stradale has teamed up with Helimotion.

Picture this: You park in downtown Chicago, hop in a helicopter, yell, “Get to the chopper!” in your best Schwarzenegger voice, strap in, zoom over Chicago suburbs feeling like a total boss, land at the track, change into your race suit and find your car waiting for you, washed, tuned, checked and ready to roll. Feeling fresh and amped from your helicopter ride, you have probably your best day ever at the track. Then, when you’re done you drop off your car, get back in the helicopter and you’re back in downtown Chicago before you can say, “gridlock.”

Helimotion has experienced pilots with over 25 years of experience flying private charter services, assisting in utility work and even filming movie shoots. And now, they can be your ride directly to the track without having to worry about traffic or side-streets, only faster, because they’re helicopters.

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