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Telrad Technology Group is proud to announce new collaborations with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform for its variety of telephony platforms.

Industry: Telecommunications

Leading telecommunication system provider, that is Telrad Technology Group, now provides integration with AWS and GCP as cloud computing continues to advance.

Vancouver, Canada (PRUnderground) July 3rd, 2019

Telrad Technology Group is leading in communication technology, systems, products and solutions provider with over 40 years of experience. Especially since 2016, the team of experts at Telrad Technology have been looking for a better replacement for VoIP Cloud Platform in order to be compatible with is the main PBX on internet platforms. Propriety technology with efforts to standardize in open source technology. 

As technology continues to evolve every day, cloud based phone systems have gained popularity. Not only because of the wide range of features but also because of the flexibility that being over the internet provides for your business phone systems. Phone systems that allow you to collaborate and work seamlessly from anywhere you are helps you have your business running even when you are not in the office. 

The Telrad Technology Group Ltd. is proud to announce the next generation of Telrad Cloud Platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Being 5 years ahead of other popular cloud service providers has allowed AWS to be the pioneers in the industry. With that said, there are today, more cloud service providers that had exploited different inconveniences encountered with this specific cloud service. GCP is a suite of cloud computing services that uses the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products. 

Technology will continue to evolve and grow every single day. And with that, Phone systems will continue to grow and provide more flexibility and features for every business owner looking for the best and up to date devices. As Cloud computing markets will continue to become available, competitors will continue to advance, meaning that AWS and GCP will continue to invest in their services to outperform the rest. 

Based on factors like security, network, pricing, etc. It all comes down to the client’s preferences and needs. Whether you are looking to use a cloud computing service for a small business or for a mid-enterprise level business you can decide to adopt into Google Platform with Telrad Technology Group’s Cloud Telephony Portfolio as it provides a bit more automation in terms of performance recommendation off the backend. The team of experts can also provide AWS backend cloud-based VoIP phone systems. Telrad Technology Group has built its technology stack on top of one of these high level Cloud computing platforms; it is an opportunity to move to a true cloud environment as part of its technology improvements in partnership with AWS and/or Google for leading edge technology strategic planning. 

About Telrad Technology Group Ltd.

Telrad International is an established and innovative provider of telecommunications systems, products and solutions to businesses of all sizes worldwide. The company’s offerings include traditional and advanced digital telephony, wireless solutions, IP Products, and Audio & Video conference solutions.

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