Tenzo now Offering Special Matcha Modern Bundle – a Perfect Healthy Holiday Gift

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Tenzo is well-known for its ceremonial delicious Matcha tea. Answering customer requests, the tea is now available in a Matcha Modern Bundle, an ideal choice for gift giving because of its stylish looks, clean design, and effortless experience.

Santa Monica, CA (PRUnderground) October 9th, 2020

Authentic matcha tea can be one of life’s great pleasures, combining taste, with a mild energy boost, and other health benefits. E-commerce company Tenzo understands this well, having sourced and selling organic ceremonial high quality matcha green tea powder from Kagoshima, Japan that has won praise from tea and wellness enthusiasts, along with athletes of all kinds looking for an extra edge. In exciting news from Tenzo, the company recently announced a new option from its online store, a special Matcha Modern Bundle. Intended as a great introduction to making matcha tea, and an ideal choice as a gift, customers have embraced the Modern Bundle with open arms. The new branded mixer gives customers a quick and easy way to mix and make a perfect matcha beverage.

“We believe long-lasting focus and healthy energy is the key to being your best and winning the day,” commented Steve O’Dell, CEO and co-founder of Tenzo. “I realized that everyone needs to try matcha to understand how good they can feel. The benefits on your mood, energy, and overall well being are too good to be true. The electric mixer provides a more modern way to mix it perfectly and quickly so you can make barista quality drinks at home. Tenzo matcha is the healthiest energy on the planet.”

According to Tenzo, the Modern Bundle contains 60 servings of organic ceremonial matcha green tea, a sophisticated handheld electric mixer, and a measuring spoon. This is everything needed to DIY trendy matcha lattes at home, something many will certainly appreciate as a gift as lives still adjust to the coronavirus pandemic.

Feedback for Tenzo’s matcha continues to be extremely positive.

Marisol V., recently said in a five-star review, “I’ve been drinking matcha for several years now. I finally decided I’m done spending so much money at Starbucks on matcha lattes. I decided to try Tenzo because I read great reviews and the price and subscription are super convenient. I love the packaging and the new easy mixer. It really does taste amazing and is so easy to make. Overall, I’m very happy with the quality experience of Tenzo.”

For more information visit https://tenzotea.co/products/modern-matcha-bundle

About Tenzo

Tenzo believes in bringing better energy to the planet. We are in our fourth year as a startup in Santa Monica California. We sell high quality, organic, ceremonial matcha green tea.

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