The 2023 ThreeBestRated® Award Winner – Cory Wilson Explains His Recent Domestic Violence Case

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Calgary, Alberta (PRUnderground) April 5th, 2023

Cory Wilson is a renowned lawyer in and around Calgary. He was accoladed with the 2023 ThreeBestRated® award for “Best Criminal Defence Lawyer”. One of Cory Wilson’s clients was accused of domestic violence case by his own wife. Let us hear from the expert in detail about how he has broken the case!

The client was named as accused of assaulting his teenage son and wife by breaching recognizable and Protection Order. His alienated wife filed an allegation along with an ongoing custody and matrimonial dispute.

As per her allegation, The client choked his son during an argument which is an assault that pulled him to not be able to breathe for a specific period of time. The point extends that the client caused injury to his son’s arm, chest and foot. The secret audio recorded by his daughter is said to record the entire incident. These are the details disclosed to the police by his wife.

The client was cool and innocent and strongly pleaded that he was not guilty. Then he approached me to take the case forward from there. Just before the trial, I approached the Crown Prosecutor to explain the outline of the case and detailed the significant contradictions between the recording and statement of the complainant, most importantly about the statement of his son. It is because he alleged that he could not even breathe or talk and was yelling obscenities at his own father. The explanation from my client is that he was unaware of the recording and narrated what he was doing when he physically restrained his son who had just punched a window in what appeared to be an attempt at property damage.

With my specialised approach to the case, I was able to prove his innocence which forced the prosecutor to agree and withdraw the assault charge in regard to his son.

For the assault claim on his wife, The case has deflected the credibility contest between both sides as there were no eyewitnesses for the claim. My client strongly pleaded without guilt that he was actually assaulted by his wife who was trying to steal a set of car keys owned by him. The van eventually became another section of the criminal matter as his wife forged documents getting her access to the van that was at an impound lot prior to trial. The case has fallen to our side from this point. With my knowledge, I presented to the prosecutor about the charges as he was unaware of the criminal charge of the complainant prior to the trial.

Since then It was an easy decision for the Crown Prosecutor to withdraw the case as the result of the credibility issue of the complainant. With this point, It was easy for me to convince the prosecutor and discharge both the charges as there were no chances of success for their side.

My client was set to have three trials in the period of two weeks. I was able to crack the charge and he has no need to face trial for any of the alleged offences. Having charged from three different trails was actually the best possible outcome, exclaims the attorney!

What Makes Cory Wilson Stand Out?

Cory Wilson is one of the best criminal defence lawyers in Alberta. With his experience of over a decade in the field, Cory is capable of representing individuals charged with any criminal offence ranging from theft and DUI to sexual assaults and murder with over 95% in success rate. With his appearance in every level of court in Alberta as well as in British Columbia and Saskatchewan he has represented over 1000 clients in his lengthy career which obviously made him crack the 50-Point Inspection of ThreeBestRated®. He has been involved in many high-profile cases, including kidnappings, massive drug seizures and the largest fraud in Canadian history. His firm is one of the most successful criminal defence firms in Canada, with many of their lawyers becoming judges at the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Court of King’s Bench and Provincial Court. Cory believes in access to justice and offers competitive pricing and interest-free payment plans with 24/7 availability and support. Contact him at

Breach of probation, drug offences, DUI/impaired driving, fraud, kidnapping, obstruct, murder, manslaughter, domestic assault, assault, impaired driving/driving over 0.08 (DUI), sexual, firearm, and driving offences, obstructing a peace officer, immediate roadside sanctions, break and enter, robbery, fraud, possession, trafficking, drug importation & manufacturing are the common issues handled by Cory Wilson.

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