The 2023 ThreeBestRated® Awarded Invis – Nanaimo’s Mortgage Experts Shares Tips On Qualifying For A Mortgage

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Nanaimo, Canada (PRUnderground) March 7th, 2023

A mortgage is one of the most complex financial tasks you would ever undertake. Legal and financial calculations and terms involved in the process might keep your heads scratched and result in bad decisions. This could make you lose money at times. Having a mortgage broker for this purpose helps you save a lot of time and money because they represent you in originating, negotiating and completing the process to avail of any type of mortgage from residential to commercial. You can enjoy the privilege of choosing from hundreds of loan types along with a personalized service customized according to your needs. They are always a merit when you are about to avail of a mortgage who remains your guide in the process.

Invis — Nanaimo’s Mortgage Experts — Best In The Business

Invis-Nanaimo Mortgage Experts is a local specialist that works under the invis network. One of the well-known “women-owned” mortgage brokerages in and around Nanaimo. Being an established firm across Canada, They have expertise in completing your finance without hassle with their trained team of professionals.

Sharon has officially 31 years of experience in the industry. In partnership with Catherine, her new associate who has vast experience in the field, the firm has got a fresh energy that ensures the right decisions at all stages. They love getting to know their clients and forming business relationships that will last a lifetime. Finding the best mortgage product at the lowest available rate is their specialty. Their reputation in Nanaimo is exceptional, and they work hard to keep it that way. Sharon has also been nominated for a lifetime achievement award nationally amongst her peers. She looks forward to hearing from you and answering all of your questions. Contact for your queries at

The firm is excited about their recent ThreeBestRated® award for 2023 naming them as “Best Mortgage Broker In Nanaimo” after passing their rigorous 50-Point Inspection. Upon receiving the award, They say “Being a part of ThreeBestRated® has consistently drawn clients to my business and I am blessed to be chosen year after year! Thank you!”. Sharon, the founder, always wants to educate clients on important details that must be known by every common individual. As a part of this, She has explained some of the important details about qualifying for a mortgage,

Qualifying For A Mortgage

My biggest concern that I would like to share with everyone looking to be pre-approved to purchase a home is to make sure your consumer debt (credit cards, loans and vehicle loans) is kept as low as possible. The payments for these loads and cards are a huge factor in getting a pre-approval for clients. I have seen some clients with 80,000.00 in consumer debt and higher and they just won’t qualify for a mortgage of any value high enough to even buy an apartment. The stress test rate that the government has us debt servicing clients at is over 7% in most cases and higher. This means your mortgage rate might be 4.69% but you must qualify at the higher rate. Unless you have two incomes, and they are decent it is very difficult to qualify now and will be until the rates start to go down.

My clients are my world when it comes to this career choice, they make this job so rewarding as I know that some of them would not have a home if it wasn’t for me. I will go to the end of this earth to get them approved and no matter how long it takes the end result is everyone is happy, and it is so amazing to be a part of it all. My service I believe is none like any other. I will again fight to the end to make it happen and I will help set up a plan so that if it can not work now it will work in time down the road.

I am constantly in the top 20% and lately 10% of my many INVIS associates across Canada. Living in a small town and managing to do that is something. It is all volume based so I have to do twice as many mortgages as someone living in a big city. I am in my 31st year of brokering here on Vancouver Island and I absolutely love it and all the people I get to meet daily. I have been nominated this year for A Lifetime Achievement Award with the Canadian Mortgage Professionals. I’m excited to strive hard to be the same in future too!, completed the expert.

First-time home buying, renewal, bridge, equity lending, chip reverse mortgage, renovations, new to Canada, debt consolidation, lines of credit, construction, refinances, divorce and separation, private financing, self-employed, purchases, commercial & home equity are the common services you can expect from Invis — Nanaimo’s Mortgage Experts.

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