The 90-year-old “Chef of the poor” awarded by Italian President of Republic Mattarella as hero of our day

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Mr. Dino Impagliazzo, 89 years old also known as the 'Chef of the poor' feeds more than 250 people a day. Dino Impagliazzo was awarded the recognition of Commander of the Order of Merit by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella among 32 people of high value for the Country.

Rome, Italy (PRUnderground) December 24th, 2019

The 90-year-old Dino Impagliazzo, also known as “the chef of the poor”, who has been feeding more than 250 homeless people a day in Rome for more than 10 years, will be awarded by President of Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella with the Merit honors of the Italian Republic. The recognition for distinguished itself for acts of heroism, for the engagement in the solidarity or in the promotion of the culture and the legality. Mr. Impagliazzo will be awarded the honor together in a group of 32 people “heroes of our day” rewarded for their high commitment in various areas, as an example for the Country. Dino Impagliazzo, thanks to donations near expiring food and surplus food from merchants, supermarkets, prepares food and serves more than 250 meals a day to homeless people in different areas of Rome around Tuscolana and Ostiense railway stations. Dino not only feeds the needy, but also uses food products that would otherwise be thrown away.

In addition to feeding more than 250 poor and homeless people between the stations of Rome Tuscolana, Ostiense and the colonnade of San Pietro, Dino Impagliazzo has always been involved in social projects to help others. Not everyone knows that Mr. Impagliazzo together with his wife Fernanda were the nucleus of a family attentive to the help of others: they are the parents of Marco Impagliazzo President of the Community of Sant’Egidio and 3 other brothers engaged – in different ways – in social sphere. In these days Impagliazzo spoke at the LUMSA University in Rome on his life experience aimed at others. In 2018 Dino received the prestigious’ Cartagine 2.0 International Award in the ‘Solidarity’ section intended for those who have contributed in Italy and abroad to the diffusion of culture and knowledge in different sectors. In 2016, the Chef of the poor met Pope Francis, greeting him from all the homeless people of Rome and inviting him to serve the meal organized daily by Dino and the 300 volunteers of the RomAmor Onlus Association of which Dino is president. There is also fun together with social commitment with the visit by Chef Rubio in recent months with a fun gag between the sprightly ninety year old and the well-known Italian TV personality who has always been socially engaged. Dino Impagliazzo is also a historic member of the Focolare Movement founded by Chiara Lubich and of the Community of Sant'Egidio as well.

“I didn’t really expect this – said Dino to Italian TV SkyTG24 – I thought it was a prank call and so I phoned back the Presidency of Italian Republic and I realized that it was true that this woman on the phone was telling me Mr. Mattarella wants to award me. I’ve been doing this for 12 years now because I believe it’s important helping others, and this is a credo which has always been at the centre of my life”.

“With ‘waste’ we do great things – said Giovanni Impagliazzo, member of the Sant’Egidio community and son of Dino on the occasion of the meeting with Chef Rubio – with food waste from shops, as with ” waste of people ” which in reality are an enormous value, as in the case of Dino, for all that he carries on “.

“The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, has awarded, motu proprio, thirty-two honors to the Merit of the Italian Republic to citizens and citizens who have distinguished themselves for acts of heroism, for their commitment to solidarity, to help, in international cooperation, in protection of minors, in the promotion of culture and legality, for activities in favor of social cohesion, integration, research and environmental protection. The Head of State has identified, among the many examples present in civil society and in institutions, some significant cases of civil commitment, dedication to the common good and testimony of republican values “as the Quirinale communicates.

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Reuters: Octogenarian Italian feeds the poor with food waste

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About Romamor

Romamor is a non-profit association based in Rome, Italy specialized in helping people in need of food and restarting their lives. Thanks to upcoming or excess food products donated by shops or supermarket chains, the association feeds more than 250 homeless people a day. Everything was started and still managed by the president of the Dino Impagliazzo association, 89 years old also known as \’the chef of the poor\’. Mr. Dino takes care of collecting food, preparing it and delivering daily meals for more than 250 people, with 300 volunteers for more than 12 years. Dino Impagliazzo will be 90 in May 2020.

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