The Age of Distraction – How Notsu Revolutionized Making a To-Do List Without the Clutter, or Obtrusive Technology

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In a world dominated by apps, screen time, distractions, and time wasted, Notsu is helping consumers declutter and refocus to reach their goals

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) February 9th, 2023

Everyone has been there – a little ding from the phone to see that dreaded daily screen time notification while the daily to-do list remains on the back burner. In 2023 consumers are overcrowded and overstimulated by technology, and it has never been easier to get distracted, fall off task, and lose productivity. An overabundance of apps and platforms makes it nearly impossible to keep track of everything, and all of those open tabs and apps can feel like a million sticky notes all over a desk. However, Notsu has challenged the technology norm to revolutionize task management and making a to-do list by bringing society back to its roots in a reimagined format.

The Bay Area company is a cutting-edge provider of organizational stationery products and has recently released a new line for those having a hard time finding a moment of peace in a world of digital noise and distractions. Introducing the Notsu Centre, a simple to-do list card case with 50 scored cards designed to offer the reprieve from the constant digital noise that overcrowds the mind daily. Founded on the belief that everyone deserves peace of mind, Notsu is on a mission to help consumers find their zen, regain their focus, and boost productivity by realigning with what matters most.

The Notsu Centre brilliantly organizes one’s daily planning into one sleek and contained 3-part system to maintain a clean desk, clean workspace, and anxiety-free mind. When one has a task to do, they are no longer met with analysis paralysis, overstimulation, or confusion – but rather a simple to-do list that is organized, easy to follow, track, and complete with pride.

“Simply jot down all of your important tasks or items that need to be completed on their simple to-do list cards and tick them off as you complete them. This way you can easily refer back to them at any time without having to search through piles of paper or trudge through old emails. Once you have accomplished the tasks or finished your day, simply discard the card and look forward to tomorrow. You’ll find that chores become routines and that new behaviors become healthy habits. You’ll amaze yourself with what you can accomplish with Notsu.”

In addition to the Notsu Centre, Notsu is also paving the way for healthy habits with the weekly planner. Perfect for planning daily meals, fitness routines, work, or family schedules, the weekly planner fits seamlessly on any desk without taking up too much space and keeps any workspace looking pristine.

Through proof of concept, dedication to community, and unwavering commitment to helping everyday people find authentic clarity, Notsu’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with its revolutionized approach to task management in the Notsu Centre.

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About Notsu

Notsu is a cutting-edge organizational stationery brand designed to help reduce the chaos, noise, and distractions brought on by the digital age while managing a simple to-do list. Founded in 2019 and based in San Francisco, Notsu was created to remedy the cluttered desk, disorganized workspace, and overbooked schedule without the need of adding yet another mobile app to one’s mobile device. Holding to the sentiment that everyone deserves the peace of mind while fulfilling their work, Notsu has strategically designed a line of organizational stationery that empower consumers making a to-do list to seamlessly fit their tasks into any daily routine. The Notsu line provides unobtrusive products for those who appreciate thoughtfully produced tools that push them toward their goals without any added clutter or distractions by simply planning daily, making a to-do list, and fulfilling the tasks with a renewed sense of clarity.

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