The Audacious Agency Reveals Four Female Business Owners Smashing It

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Australian women are opening new businesses every day, and they’re smashing it out of the park too!

Australia (PRUnderground) November 15th, 2022

We wanted to hear from Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs, and this is what they told us about succeeding in Australia.

The Only Person Standing In Your Way Is You

Karyn Parkinson, the Director of Unstoppable e-Commerce, started her first business 11 years ago at the tender age of 24, and her first year wasn’t so great. She lost $100,000!

Now, though, things are different. She founded Unstoppable e-Commerce just before the pandemic hit. She knew that adapting to the new circumstances would be vital, and it was her efforts that won her the National Gold Award for B2B Services and the National Gold Award for Online Education!

She wants you to know that “The only person standing in your way is you. You can succeed, and yes, maybe it will take a bit of failure to get there, but if you want it, you will get there. You can run your own race and be the best you can be, don’t worry about what other people are doing, fix on your goals.”

Karyn has also been named finalist in the Marketing category for the Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards.

The Outcome Matters

Award winner Janelle Ford, the director, clinical nurse and educator of Progressive Play, wants you to know that the outcome matters.

She says, “Australia is in a mental health crisis, it is up to those working within the sector to “work be the change they want to see” and add additional interventions to their practices / clinics.

It was my mental health nursing background that helped me focus on results and outcomes, and it’s making an incredible difference in people’s lives.”

Janelle delivers therapeutic intervention training to health professionals and school educators for use in both the Adult / Youth Mental Health / Disability and Education sectors. Through educating other health professionals and teachers in these strategies, she is improving therapeutic outcomes, and available service offerings both nationally and internationally, “one brick at a time”.

Commit To Customer Service Excellence

Janine Leghissa, the owner and founder of Desiderate, says when she started her business, she was just trying to stay afloat. She hadn’t given much thought to the future at all.

Now, with a host of awards under her belt from the Stevie International Business Awards, AusMumpreneur Awards, Roar Awards, etc., she knows the secret of her sterling silver jewellery business’s success.

She says that “It’s more than a commitment to providing top quality products, that’s the minimum. It’s also about being obsessed with customer service.”

“We want our customers to be impressed, not just satisfied. And we’ve learned this builds real customer loyalty over time. You’d be amazed at the number of our customers who’ve claimed a permanent discount code because they’ve bought from us 20 times or more!”

With annual revenues of over $1 million, Janine keeps going from strength to strength.

A Lifetime Relationship

Kimmie Fox of the Bombshell Beauty Academy, the only online school in Australia to provide internationally accredited qualifications to its students, says her million-dollar business owes much of its success to its ethos.

She says “the secret is to understand that the beauty industry keeps evolving, it changes every 3 months”. Our students can’t just go on their way when they finish a course, or soon, they’ll be lost.

So, every student gets lifetime VIP access to all of our current information. It’s what other beauty schools, and even colleges and universities, lack. They see students as a “one-off sale”, not people who need a lifetime’s worth of support.”

She also offers, “The best time to start in business is now.”

Be Inspired, Not Afraid

You should always be inspired by your competitors. They can teach you things that you can emulate, but they shouldn’t make you feel afraid. Your journey is your own.

Find your own way, and don’t beat yourself up, you’ll find it much easier to succeed when you enjoy the journey.

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