The Benefits of Using NuGerm Desktop Sneeze Guards In Schools and Classrooms

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One suggested solution to help students and faculty from getting sick is the desktop sneeze guard. NuGerm's Nubarrier sneeze guard is cost-effective and reduces germs.

Boca Raton, FL (PRUnderground) July 15th, 2020

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) estimates that over sixty million Americans attend public or private schools every day, as either students or faculty. Because of the large number of people gathered into these small, confined spaces, schools enable and speed up the spread of disease.

One suggested solution to help students and faculty from getting sick is the desktop sneeze guard, such as the NuGerm’s NuBarrier. These clear plastic barriers enable students on either side of it to see and communicate with each other. Therefore, facilitating all the physical interactions that take place in schools, without any inconvenience.

The reason these are such effective methods of controlling the spread of disease, is due to the fact that most diseases affecting schools are spread through the air via sneezes and coughs. In fact, the common cold, which is one such disease, is said to be the leading cause of absences in schools, with the CDC claiming that over twenty-two million school days are lost each year thanks to this disease. Other common airborne diseases include the flu and the Coronavirus. Therefore, by placing the NuBarrier sneeze guards in schools and classrooms, diseased particles will only travel as far as the barrier, and so the person on the other side doesn’t run the risk of being infected.

The benefits of using sneeze guards on desks doesn’t only pertain to students, however, as even teachers stand to gain from this. Without the risk of contracting a disease while teaching, these faculty members can continue doing their jobs at peak performance. Additionally, they won’t be getting sick as often so they won’t need to take sick days off. This means the school won’t have to pay for as many sick leaves or to scramble to find a suitable substitute teacher.

NuGerm’s Sneeze guards have their design originate from the food industry, and are thus perfectly suited to improve the cafeteria experience in schools. By having sets of sneeze guards placed between the food, cooks, and students, the chance of food being contaminated by airborne diseases drops significantly, which further reduces the chance of a sudden, food-caused outbreak.

Therefore, it’s evident that sneeze guards help promote a safer and disease free environment. Allowing students to flourish, teachers to continue their work, and food to remain germ-free. All while allowing the same physical interactions to take place in a safe manner.

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CDC Recommended sneeze guards. Germ and virus protective barriers for classrooms, students and teachers. K-12 specialists of easy to install desk cough and sneeze barriers that reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other germs.

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