The Best Fat Tire Ebike with Unrivaled Power and Torque in 2023

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Meet the Magicycle Ocelot Pro for riders of all sizes.

Ontario, CA (PRUnderground) May 6th, 2023

Just imagine  — you are only a week away from riding an industry-leading 20″ step-thru fat tire e-bike. Not only is it fast shipping, but it’s also fast riding, with speeds up to 28 mph. This is an absolutely gorgeous e-bike, but it’s far more than just eye candy. This popular e-bike has all the features today’s shoppers want to see in a great e-bike.

Power to Spare

Magicycle went all-out to be certain riders of all sizes had all the power needed to handle riding any terrain. The Ocelot Pro is equipped with an amazing new hub motor that produces a full 1000 watts of peak power! This motor is an upgrade from its predecessor and has some significant enhancements. It is still the same reliable motor found on the original 26″ Magicycle cruiser, but it has been tweaked just enough to increase the torque by about 12 percent. Now rated at 96 nm (Neuton Meters), its torque is equal to that of an average 800 cc motorcycle. You’ll never have to worry about moving quickly across a crowded intersection. With this kind of torque, you’ll find yourself conquering even the steep hills.

The Magicycle Ocelot Pro’s motor is meticulously engineered to produce that 96.8 Neuton meters of torque! You won’t find many electric bikes that can give you that kind of torque. In fact, the Ocelot Pro gives riders about the same torque as an 800cc motorcycle! You may never need all that torque, but it is very nice to know it’s there! When you think about quick starts, cruising speed, and hill-climbing ability — all these are related to power and torque.

You want a fat tire ebike equipped with a strong motor, providing plenty of torque. Those steep climbs where you catch the best views are no fun at all without a powerful high-torque motor. The Magicycle Ocelot Pro will satisfy the demands of hill climbing, whether you ride in your neighborhood or seek out interesting off-road locations with challenging terrain.

With 1000 watts of peak power (750 watts nominal), the Ocelot Pro’s hub motor is a perfect size. If you settle for a 250-watt or even a 500-watt motor, your fat tire e-bike will feel underpowered on the steep hills. This upgraded motor also has a heat-resistance feature. Not only do you get more power, but you also get longer motor life due to the upgraded heat resistance. The quality and longevity of an e-bike’s motor are very important, as it is a significant part of an e-bike’s total cost.

Ranging Capability that Satisfies

“Home, home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play.” Those words from the old Western song are reminders that fat tire e-bike riders like to have the option to take long rides. Whether it’s to get out and see wildlife or just get to your workplace and back home, the range is important.

Everyone wants longer ranges, and many e-bike companies are quick to proclaim themselves as the “king of long-range rides.” In most cases, the actual available range is very ordinary. Magicycle has actually done something to make the longer range a reality!

You might think the MAGiCYCLE Design Team would simply carry over the fabulous 52-volt battery from the original cruisers. That would have been the quick and easy route to take, but Magicycle has opted to go the extra mile. The Ocelot Pro comes with a freshly designed battery to give riders an expanded range. Even after upping the amp hours from 15 to 20, the new battery is still beautifully integrated into the frame. The 25% boost in amp hours means you can look forward to a range of up to 75-80 miles.

Of course, if you tip the scales at 275 pounds and ride mostly in hilly terrain, that will reduce your range. Wind speed, tire inflation, and the weight of accessories and other gear are also important factors in determining your range capability.

Comfort for the Long Haul

Long range is only helpful if your e-bike is comfortable to ride! Since you’re preparing to invest in a fat tire e-bike, chances are you plan to ride often and ride far. This makes riding comfort very important! If you can’t be comfortable while riding, then your e-bike will just be collecting dust in your garage.

If you have dreamed of a smaller, stylish, quality cruiser that provides both convenience and comfort, this is it. The Ocelot Pro has a laid-back beach cruiser styling…easy to ride, beautiful, and comfortable. For riders not at ease with the big 26” cruisers, the Ocelot Pro opens up a whole new world of cruising comfort. It is available in your choice of step-over or step-thru models.

A key component of e-bike comfort is frame sizing. Many e-bike manufacturers base the frame sizing on seat tube length. That’s unfortunate because seat tube length is not a key criterion. Far more important are body-hand distance adjustment and seat low-arc sag design so that riders have enough stand-over distance for their leg inseam length.

The Magicycle designers take these key ergonomics as the primary criteria as they work on the design of an e-bike, especially a long-range e-bike like the Ocelot Pro. They know Ocelot riders will take longer rides, and this makes comfort even more important. The frame geometry and quality materials make the Magicycle riding frame triangle the foundation of “the most comfortable ride ever.”

Ocelot Pro owners give great feedback about the ability to take long rides comfortably without tiring.

The Magicycle Design Team has engineered the Ocelot Pro’s frame in a way that allows the pedals to be moved forward by 5cm, allowing riders to stretch their legs naturally. Five centimeters doesn’t seem like much at first, but it is enough to help riders with a height of 5’5‘’ to 6‘5’’ to adjust to the most comfortable riding posture. At the same time, riders under 5’5″ remain very comfortable. Magicycle owners pedal comfortably and exert smooth force, making long-distance riding easy and effortless. This helps maximize the comfort, power, and efficiency of every pedal stroke, even for shorter riders.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but aluminum is a more rigid metal than steel, and so the Magicycle frame uses a high-strength aluminum allow. It flexes less under heavy pedal pressure than does a steel frame. The result is that more energy from the effort of pedaling goes directly to turning the wheel, and almost zero energy is wasted in flexing the frame. All this comfort is a result of using the most advanced aluminum frame technology. With the resulting lightweight and strong durability, Magicycle again scores high in rider comfort and safety.

Stand-over Height that Accommodates All Riders

The Ocelot Pro is designed with a very popular step-thru frame. For people with various physical challenges that make biking difficult, step-thru e-bikes are making it possible to return to biking. Even older senior adults are re-discovering the joy of bike riding. The pedal assists aspect of e-bikes is making life more enjoyable for thousands of those who thought they would never ride a bike again. In addition to the motor, the availability of step-thru e-bikes is very important. Simply put, it is just much easier to get on and off a step-thru e-bike.

Step-thru e-bikes are becoming more and more popular among e-bike enthusiasts. Some shoppers just like the looks of the step-thru bike frames, but many e-bike fans prefer step-thru e-bikes for the advantages they offer. Even people of average height may find it challenging to swing a leg over a conventional step-over model, but with a true stop-thru, it’s easy!

Readers who have lived beyond the age of 60 will likely recall the term “girl’s bike.” In those long-gone years, it referred to what everyone now calls a step-thru bike. There was a time when most girls and women were expected to wear a skirt or dress in public. Of course, a step-thru frame made it much easier to ride a bike while wearing a dress or skirt. Those days are now buried in history, and men and women alike are enjoying the benefits of a fat tire e-bike in the step-thru style.

Built for Safety and Longevity

Power, range, comfort, and convenience are all important factors in considering an e-bike, but nothing is as vital as the safety of the rider. This is absolutely essential for every e-bike shopper. The very critical key to rider safety is quality control during the production of an e-bike. Unless quality is assured in every step of manufacturing, rider safety is not assured.

Most shoppers do not realize that the MAGiCYCLE company has been producing e-bikes for 16 years before introducing any e-bikes to the US market. From the beginning, MAGiCYCLE has chosen to focus on quality control. Many e-bike brands cannot do this, simply because they do not own a factory. How can a company expect to have effective quality control if they don’t even own the factory? The answer is very simple — it cannot.

Magicycle has exemplary quality control over the entire bike-building process, from design to manufacture to shipping. When a Magicycle Ocelot Pro arrives at the doorstep of a new owner, the box contains an e-bike that will last a very long time and is already 90% assembled. It is a streamlined fat tire e-bike designed to give reliable service, long life, and a safe riding experience. Quality matters — don’t settle for an e-bike from a brand that does not own the factory.

If you’re shopping for a new fat tire e-bike with all the advantages of the step-thru design and produced under strict quality control, be sure to look at the Ocelot Pro. No other 20″ step-thru fat tire e-bike is available with equal quality and at Magicycle’s consumer-first pricing.

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