The Best Things for Boosting Smithing Levels in Runescape

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Smithing is an important skill in Runescape, but it requires a significant investment of time to develop. The effort put into grinding smithing levels is well worth it, as smithing is a highly profitable activity, it can help you get a lot of OSRS Gold. Similarly, you can also use OSRS Gold to Boost Smithing Levels, which is a mutual promotion process.. However, without an effective strategy for leveling up, it can quickly become tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, with recent patches addressing some issues, now is an excellent time to begin smithing or continue improving your skills. Progress in smithing is a gradual process, but with perseverance, it is possible to steadily increase your proficiency and reap the rewards.

Strategies for Leveling Smithing Across Different Stages

The optimal approach to leveling up your smithing skill will vary depending on your current level. As you progress and the experience required to reach the next level increases, your methods must adapt accordingly. Additionally, these methods should also consider the potential for profit, as smithing can be a lucrative source of income.

Levels 1-29

To begin leveling up smithing, start by crafting bronze items using copper and tin ores to create bronze bars. Crafting bronze platebody armor is the fastest method, despite being resource-intensive; it also provides the most experience points for leveling up. This process is recommended until reaching Level 10. Once you reach Level 10, shift to creating iron bars and crafting iron platebody armor until Level 20. At that point, you should be able to create steel bars, which can be used to craft steel platebody armor and bring you to Level 30.

Another option for quickly leveling up smithing is to complete The Knight’s Sword quest, which requires a minimum Mining level of 10 to begin. Upon completion, you receive a Smithing EXP Lamp that can instantly boost your Smithing skill from Level 1 to Level 29. While this method does not generate profits, it offers an alternative to continuously forging items. Another quest that provides Smithing experience is What’s Mine Is Yours, which can be completed with a Smithing level of 5 and takes you to Level 7.

Level 30-55

Upon reaching Level 30, you can begin crafting mithril bars, which can then be used to create mithril platebody armor – the most effective way to level up smithing until reaching Level 40. From there, crafting adamant bars and adamant platebody armor becomes the recommended method until reaching Level 50 Smithing. At that point, it is more efficient to craft rune burial sets to reach Level 55.

Platebody Armor Is Great For Smithing Levels

For the sake of convenience and efficiency, crafting platebody armor is the optimal choice for leveling up your smithing skill. While you will need to work your way up through the different ores, it is still the most efficient option compared to crafting other armor pieces. Once you reach the pinnacle of smithing, you will likely have no need for further leveling. If you are new to the game and interested in starting on your smithing journey, our guide for new players can provide valuable information.

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