The dates and times for the early access release of Diablo 4

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Game trading platform P2Pah brings you the latest news about Diablo 4. The release time of Diablo 4 Standard Edition and Early Access version in different regions; how to obtain Diablo 4 Gold.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) April 20th, 2023

The release of Diablo 4’s early access is just around the corner, as the demon-hunting RPG is set to launch in June. It’s worth noting that the release times and dates will vary depending on whether you opt for the early access version or the regular release. Diablo 4 Gold trading platform P2Pah has all the details listed in our comprehensive guide to the Diablo 4 release date below.

For those who have pre-purchased the standard edition of the game, the release dates and times for Diablo 4 are as follows:

4:00pm PDT, 5th June (Pacific Coast)
5:00pm EDT, 5th June (East Coast)
0:00am BST, 6th June (UK)
1:00am CEST, 6th June (Europe)
8:00am KST, 6th June (Korea)

It’s highly probable that we will have the option to preload the game in the weeks leading up to its release. In the past, Blizzard has demonstrated a good track record of anticipating the need for loading time.

If you have preordered the Early Access version of Diablo 4, you can expect to play the game at the following dates and times:

4:00pm PDT, 1st June (Pacific Coast)
5:00pm EDT, 1st June (East Coast)
0:00am BST, 2nd June (UK)
1:00am CEST, 2nd June (Europe)
8:00am KST, 2nd June (Korea)

If players wish to gain access to Diablo 4 before its official release date, they can do so by pre-ordering the Ultimate or Deluxe editions of the game. These special editions offer early access as a bonus incentive for pre-ordering, giving players the opportunity to start playing the game ahead of its official launch date.

“Going gold is a landmark milestone for the incredible Diablo IV team, who have all worked so hard crafting the next-generation installment of this iconic franchise. This is a concrete, meaningful step toward our June 6 launch.” said Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson. This means that the development phase of the game has been completed and is being prepared for mass production

All in all, the arrival of Diablo 4 will be a milestone, players have more choices than ever before, more missions, more areas to explore, and some new features worth looking forward to. While we’ll have to wait a while before we get to play Diablo 4, you can buy Diablo IV Gold right now on P2Pah, and you’ll be ahead of everyone else when Diablo 4 launches.

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