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The Funding Partners integrates blockchain technology into their Supply Chain

Industry: Technology

TFP announces successful partnerships with blockchain startups in the development of blockchain integration for their supply chain.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (PRUnderground) April 13th, 2018

TFP announces successful partnerships with blockchain startups in the development of blockchain integration for their supply chain. The firm has completed its second phase of development and utilizes a hybrid business model of integrating their durian supply chain with blockchain technology. A first of its kind at such a large scale, TFP controls their entire fleet of durian farmers, logistics, manufacturers and retailers with the aid of blockchain technology.

Today, blockchain technology is among the most searched keyword on the internet as many intuitive applications are powered by its network architecture. The blockchain is a virtual, public ledger that archives information in a secure and transparent manner. This principle has blockchain firmly rooted to become one of the most important emerging technologies that have been used by banks, tech firms, and insurance companies.

Under the radical management of TFP CEO, Jim Edwards, who is renowned for creating his agri-business empire through the adoption of innovative hi-tech implementations, is using blockchain to create new opportunities. Jim Edwards said: “We believe that blockchain integration for our supply chain will improve fruit quality, traceability for food safety and ultimately reduce food wastage. From the blockchain simulations that we have done, we expect to improve overall supply chain efficiency by as much as 40%. It will not only reduce overheads but also open up new markets in China and Europe, as we are able to meet their compliance requirements.”

The firm has outlined a range of benefits. Production planning will be improved with efficient management of orders and each order is filled on time. Traceability is accurate and straightforward as data is captured automatically throughout the handling process. Wastage is reduced through more efficient handling methods such as ‘First In First Out’, labeling and inventory control. Quality control is consistent as every product is inspected with the help of imaging and a guided process. Admin burden is reduced as documentation is automated and lesser man-hours are spent on filing and recording.

All of the benefits are derived from the comprehensive enterprise management system that will be taught and introduced to all of their employees. It can be accessed from several devices including desktop, handphones, and tablets. These devices allow for scanning of products using QR barcoding and the data is conveniently transferred online to in-house cloud storage to facilitate supply chain management.

TFP is taking a big leap towards market dominance in Asia with the help of blockchain. This extensive complex system is made into a simple and easy-to-use platform where minute contributions from every aspect of the supply chain synergize performance to increase overall profitability.

About The Funding Partners Inc.

The Funding Partners is a leading global private equity firm founded in 2007, Utah, USA.

We focus on optimizing agriculture assets and services through value creation methods primarily revolving around cutting-edge technology.

We specialize intensively in various agriculture asset management activities such as agriculture partnerships, land acquisitions, and agri-tech company acquisitions, setting industry benchmarks along the way and growing constantly over the past decade.

The Funding Partners believes in revolutionizing an age-old industry through innovation, with an increased emphasis on blockchain technology. Blockchain adds a layer of transparency to the agriculture ecosystem that would otherwise be unattainable, bringing farmers closer to consumers and creating unprecedented synergies.

We currently have 4 global offices strategically placed in USA, South Africa, Cambodia and Malaysia.

The Funding Partners manages a total AUM of US $2.8 billion across agriculture and technology equities, alternative investments, agriculture real estate, and consultative strategies.

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