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The HappiMess Co. Embraces 2020 Becoming the Year of Mental Health Awareness & Natural Self-Care.

Industry: Self Help

2020 has shown a rapid increase of Natural & Holistic Self-Care. The HappiMess Co. provides some tools and resources, along with its innovative natural self-care boxes.

Australia (PRUnderground) June 22nd, 2020

It’s quite clear that some of the challenges people have faced globally in 2020 has shone a light on the need for mental health and self-care issues to be taken more seriously. These crises will change us, and while these times are certainly difficult, we have the opportunity to focus on our own personal growth. Fortunately, there are new options developing for those who know where to look.

In exciting news, we discovered an approach that has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from its community. The HappiMess Co. has been crafting Holistic Self-Care Boxes, stacked with products providing simple yet effective ways to help people in the face of anxiety and depression. All this, and in a healthier, more natural way.

“2020 has certainly been the year to understand what form of self-care we each need to better mend ourselves.” observed founder and aspiring Mental Health Counselor, Ellen Palmer. “Our self-care boxes present a natural, affordable, and effective kit of self-loving to help with anxiety, insomnia, and minor mental health issues.

“We’re only a small community, but together we try to help those who overthink; feed their self-doubt; who see good in everyone but themselves, to know they are worth it, and they are amazing.”

To encourage people who could benefit from the box and explore its possibilities, the company offers an eye-opening online HappiMess Quiz that quickly provides mental health and self-love tips, gifting value to those wanting to live a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle. The selection of products in their boxes are intended to boost a sense of self-worth, instil courage, and provide balance, all the while inspiring an openness about mental health.

The response to the HappiMess Co. Self-Care boxes has been very positive, with a vulnerable five star review from Michelle (Boston, U.S.A.) sharing –

“I have been facing challenges that have been made worse by the lockdowns and social isolation. I’m so happy to have discovered The HappiMess Co. These boxes are really incredible and have brought me some peace of mind. Fully recommended!”

For more information and to order, be sure to visit Ellen at and join the community

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