The Metaverse Made Simple: SwissOne Capital Allows Investors to Take Advantage of Web 3.0 and the Growing Virtual Landscape

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Leveraging crypto assets, listed equities, and ICOs in Web 3.0 companies, the Swiss digital asset manager launches a new Smart Metaverse ETI for qualified and retail investors starting as low as €1,000.

Zug, Switzerland (PRUnderground) December 14th, 2022

SwissOne Capital AG, a specialized digital asset manager with a focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain-related investments, has partnered with iMaps in Liechtenstein and MRB Fund Partners, a FINMA licensed asset manager in Switzerland, for the launch of their Smart Metaverse ETI listed on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange in Germany. A groundbreaking development, this is the world’s first investment product that allows retail investors to access the Metaverse.

This ETI (Exchange Traded Instrument) offers liquidity in and exposure to the rapidly expanding Web 3.0 market. This allows qualified investors to invest in multiple Metaverse platforms at once, offering a rare opportunity to easily and intelligently enter the market at an early adopter stage – for an investment as low as €1,000 via any bank or broker (ISIN DE000A3G1QP7).

“The Metaverse is taking the form of NFTs, play-to-earn gaming, e-sports, concerts, artworks, software development, virtual property and real estate, and more,“ says Steffen Bassler, CEO of SwissOne Capital. “It’s literally a whole new universe to invest in – and it can be confusing to investors. We’re excited to make the opportunity available to both retail and professional clients at a very accessible entry point.”

“Of course, safety is also a top concern,” Bassler continues. “To keep our investors’ assets safe, we’ve partnered with blue-chip service providers to ensure that the Metaverse assets are stored safely, with transactions ringfenced to trusted parties. This became even more important in light of the collapse of FTX last month. We manage our counterparty risk conservatively within predefined risk limits, and use a number of trading venues.”

According to Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Industry Analyst Matthew Kanterman, the Metaverse is estimated to have a market size of $800 billion by 2024. One of the Metaverse’s most well-known components – NFTs – account for $25 billion alone in 2021. It’s also estimated that 30% of global organizations will have products and services in the Metaverse by 2026.

The Metaverse is unquestionably happening – it’s still in its early stages, which gives investors a chance to get in on the ground floor. The Smart Metaverse ETI gives investor portfolios exposure to Metaverse-centric cryptocurrency assets, along with Traditional Listed Single Stock Equities that are providing products and support services within the Metaverse ecosystem.

From time to time, the ETI will also allow for investments in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) within the Web 3.0 space.

“A fundamental analysis investment approach is applied in the asset selection process,” says Kenneth Hearn, SwissOne Capital Fund Manager. “The Smart Metaverse ETI will identify assets that generate value via the growth of products, services, users, networks, revenues, and other value-generating activities within the Global Metaverse Environment (GME). The allocation to each of the selected assets will be proportional to the development and adoption stages relating to its use case, utility, and revenue generation capabilities.”

By its digital-first, virtual nature the Metaverse has endless possibilities and unprecedented growth potential. As experts in alternative and thematic investments, SwissOne Capital is uniquely equipped to help both new and experienced investors take advantage of this ascending investment theme. By creating diverse, uncorrelated investment products, SwissOne Capital, brings asymmetric investment profiles to investors’ portfolios.

The Smart Metaverse ETI follows the highest quality financial and blockchain standards — exactly what is expected of a Swiss-made service — with all the protective structures in place. This level of safety is paramount throughout the entire firm, with SwissOne Capital making it a priority to go above and beyond to secure its client’s assets.

SwissOne Capital only partners with highly respected, trusted, and regulated vendors and follows the strictest possible protocols when authorizing transactions via multi-signature authorization. The firm understands that – first and foremost – ensuring the safety of its client’s investments and maintaining their trust is essential.

More information about SwissOne Capital and the Smart Metaverse ETI is available at

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