The Navigators are Hosting A Virtual Summit About Vaccine Access and Health Equity

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Join the virtual summit to learn more about how Pharmacies and Public Health are working together to address issues of vaccine access and health equity.

Phoenix, AZ (PRUnderground) October 4th, 2022

Join The Navigators on October 11th and 12th for a virtual summit where thought leaders and innovators from Public Health and Pharmacy discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing Monkeypox outbreak as well as other topics. The Navigators are a thought leadership group that spans across Pharmacy and Public Health and is focused on numerous efforts including advancing opportunities for Pharmacies to participate in the VFC program. This will be an interactive summit where attendees will have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions on each topic discussed and shape the future of these efforts.

STChealth President and Navigator founding member Todd Watkins recently remarked about the importance of the Navigator’s work, “In April of 2020, the Navigators were formed to help strengthen the relationship and infrastructure between pharmacies and public health to prepare for the COVID pandemic. All Navigators are volunteers from Pharmacies, Public Health, academic and member organizations.

The group has been and continues to meet weekly while growing its membership throughout our two and a half year existence. The Navigators have made a substantial impact including advocating for health equity, engaging community pharmacies in leveraging their vast clinical capabilities, creating real time connections with public health, highlighting and addressing existing barriers preventing the effective use of pharmacies, and being a catalyst behind a national documentary called “Vaccination from the Misinformation Virus”.

Now the Navigators are eager to share our most recent efforts including advocating for the modernization of the VFC program to include pharmacies, discuss innovative initiatives for getting national support for both public health and pharmacy changes. We look forward to sharing this with all of you during our 2-day Summit (90 minutes each day). During these sessions, we also want to hear your thoughts about potential initiatives and focus areas for the Navigators. Please plan to join us!”

If you are interesting in joining the virtual summit, please reach out to Ryan Watkins at We look forward to integrating you into the Navigators and working together to promote health equity!

About The Navigators

The Navigators is an all-volunteer public/private partnership group formed in March of 2020 at the start of the COVID pandemic to overcome the long-standing barriers in the vaccine delivery process. This group has been instrumental in major changes adopted by CDC, state public health and pharmacies. The Navigators continue to meet each week to discuss solutions that can be implemented and scaled specific to the problems we face today to include how to increase vaccine access to all Americans, advocating for the further expansion of administering point of care testing and immunizations in pharmacies, overcoming the challenges with vaccine hesitancy, and bolstering the infrastructure between pharmacies, public health, and the consumer.

Through collaboration and coordination, and a focus on addressing patient and public health needs we can make a difference. The Navigators welcomes interested entities representing stakeholders across the immunization ecosystem to participate in our weekly meetings, which are held via zoom every Tuesday at 11am EDT. If you would like to join, please contact Ryan Watkins at

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