The Same Folding Electric Bike, Why Is RadPower RadExpand 5 Far Inferior to HiPEAK ELIAS?

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This article will compare the characteristics and features of RadPower RadExpand 5 and HiPeak Elias electric bikes from several aspects.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) May 10th, 2023

The electric bike industry is becoming increasingly prosperous, with many great brands and products emerging. RadPower RadExpand 5 and HiPEAK ELIAS are both leaders in the field of folding electric bicycles, and are often considered to be evenly matched opponents. However, in fact, if the two models are carefully compared, it is easy to see that RadExpand 5 is far inferior to ELIAS in all aspects.

This view may be questioned, after all, RadPower is a powerful brand. But don’t rush to refute it, keep reading, and I believe many people will change their minds by the end of the article!

Brand and model overview

To understand the differences between RadPower RadExpand 5 and HiPEAK ELIAS, we first need to know some basic information about these two brands and models. Here’s a brief introduction to both of them.


Radpower, founded in 2007, is an electric bike brand company that is known for its high-quality products. The company focuses on producing and selling electric bikes and has multiple product lines.

RadExpand 5 is the latest version of RadPower’s folding electric bike series. The bike features an aluminum alloy frame, a 750W motor, and a 14Ah lithium battery, with a top speed of up to 20mph and a range of up to 45 miles. Additionally, the bike is equipped with a 7-speed gearbox, adjustable saddle and handlebars, and front and rear lighting.


HiPEAK is also an established electric bike company that has been around for 15 years. Since its inception, the company has invested a lot of resources in developing and improving reliable and user-oriented bicycle products. To date, they have produced and sold millions of electric bikes.

ELIAS is a lightweight and practical folding electric bike manufactured entirely in HiPEAK’s own factory. The bike features a 750W brushless motor and a removable 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery, with a top speed of up to 25 miles per hour and a single charge range of up to 60 miles. Additionally, ELIAS has user-friendly design, a sturdy frame structure, lightweight overall weight, and convenient folding.

Specification comparison

Brand                               RadPower RadExpand 5                        HiPEAK ELIAS

Price                                          $1649                                                     $1299

Battery                              48V, 14Ah removable lithium-ion battery        48V, 15Ahremovable lithium-ion battery

Max range                            45 miles per charge                               60 miles per charge

Motor                                  750W brushless motor                          750W brushless motor

Max load-capacity                  275 pounds                                           350 pounds

Tire                                                              20″ X 4″ fat tire                                    20″ X 4″ fat tire

Brake                                                           Diss brake                                             Disc brake

Step-Thru Model                       Yes                                                          Yes

Rider height                           4’10” – 5’10”                                            4’10” – 6’2″

Bike weight                            62.5 pounds                                             61 pounds

Light                  LED lights with brake instructor light function   LED lights with brake instructor light function

Display screen                 LED display screen                         LCD multifunction display screen

Electric assist level                  7-level                                                      7-level

Equally matched opponent

RadExpand 5 is a relatively new version of Rad and the successor to the previous RadMini 4. When HiPEAK ELIAS first appeared, it was considered a strong competitor to RadExpand 5. While they are comparable in some aspects based on their specs, is this really the case?

Battery and range

HiPeak ELIAS is equipped with a high-capacity 48V, 15Ah lithium-ion battery, while RadPower RadExpand 5’s battery capacity is 48V, 14Ah. From the data alone, the difference between the two is not significant. However, when it comes to comparing their maximum range, ELIAS has an extra 15 miles compared to RadExpand 5, which is a significant difference. Especially for those who frequently use electric folding bikes for commuting and outdoor travel, if they are blinded by a 1Ah difference, they may run out of power halfway through their trip.


HiPEAK ELIAS has a maximum load capacity of 350 pounds, which is almost the ceiling of the load capacity of folding electric bikes. This is undoubtedly a big attraction for those who like to run errands or go camping. In comparison, the maximum load capacity of RadExpand 5 is only 275 pounds. To be honest, 275 pounds is not a bad performance for an electric folding bike. However, due to the thin frame tube, RadExpand 5’s load capacity is far behind that of ELIAS.

Besides, for any bikes, the rear rack is the main way of carrying cargo. However, the rear rack of the RadExpand 5 has a much steeper angle than the standard angle of the HiPEAK ELIAS, which can easily cause items to slip off.

Motor efficiency and electric assist level

In these two aspects, RadPower RadExpand 5 and HiPEAK ELIAS are really evenly matched. Both models are equipped with a 750W high-power motor and 7-level pedal assistance. Coupled with the 20″ X 4″ fat tires that both bikes are equipped with, it is believed that anyone can easily ride them in both urban and hilly areas.

Why is RadPower RadExpand 5 inferior to HiPeak ELIAS?

From the comparison of the main parameters, we can largely understand the performance differences between the two adult electric bikes, but the real riding experience is often determined by many details, which is also the easiest part for many users to overlook when buying an electric fat tire bike. Here are the comparisons between the two models in terms of detailed design.

Bike height

RadExpand 5’s step-through design makes its frame one of its main selling points. However, compared to the HiPEAK ELIAS, which also uses a step-through design, the RadExpand 5’s frame is noticeably higher off the ground. It is well known that the biggest advantage of a step-through frame is ease of mounting and dismounting, which is crucial for older or less physically able riders. Obviously, RadExpand 5 goes against the original intention of a step-through design.

Perhaps some people think that a higher frame is to accommodate taller riders, but according to RadPower RadExpand 5’s official advertising, this bike is more suitable for riders who are 4’10” – 5’10”. In contrast, HiPEAK ELIAS has a lower step-through frame design and is suitable for riders who are 4’10” – 6’2″.

Battery position

Both RadPower RadExpand 5 and HiPeak ELIAS are equipped with removable lithium-ion batteries. The biggest difference is that the fomer’s battery is located in front of the seat post,  while the latter’s is located behind the seat post. The RadExpand 5 spokesperson believes that the advantage of having the battery in front is that it is easy to remove and replace when charging.

However, compared to the harm caused by this design, this so-called advantage is hardly worth mentioning. The already high low-cross frame of the RadExpand 5, coupled with the obstruction of the front battery, makes it easy for riders to fall and get injured when getting on and off the bike. In addition, this design also makes it easy for users to kick the battery when getting on and off the bike.

It is obviously found that the battery location of the vast majority of electric folding bike on the market is like the HiPeak ELIAS, using a seat post rear position or a hidden design. In terms of ease of removal, they do not lose to RadPower RadExpand 5 at all. On the contrary, the HiPEAK ELIAS seat post rear-positioned battery is well protected on all sides, which can effectively protect the battery during the ride.

Controller position

Observant users will notice that the controller of RadPower RadExpand 5 is installed behind the seat post, opposite to the battery. RadPower promotes this design by stating that the external installation of electronic components will make future maintenance easier. Yes, this statement is not wrong, but they did not tell users that this exposed design has very poor protection and can easily damage the controller. In contrast, HiPEAK ELIAS’s hidden design can largely protect the controller from the erosion of rain and dust, thus saving a lot of maintenance costs.

Display screen function

The LCD display panel of RadExpand 5 is very basic and does not provide any information related to speed or mileage. Additionally, the battery reading is not very accurate (with only five LED lights, each representing 20%). Moreover, these LED lights may also be a bit bright at night, and there is no other way to adjust them except for covering them with some masking tape or rotating the display panel upwards to prevent them from shining directly on the rider’s face.

In contrast, HiPeak ELIAS is equipped with a LCD multifunctional display screen, which can clearly display the current battery level, odometer, wattmeter, and pedal assist level. Riders can easily see their current ridding status at a glance and make timely adjustments.

Value for money

RadExpand 5 is priced at $1649 on RadPower’s official website, which seems reasonable considering its main parameters and RadPower’s brand value. However, when you take into account HiPEAK ELIAS, which has stronger configuration and features, and is priced at only $1299 on their official website (with discounts of $150 and $350 available for 1 or 2 bikes), RadExpand 5’s price appears to be lacking in cost-effectiveness.


In summary, RadPower RadExpand 5 seems to have similar main parameters as HiPEAK ELIAS in terms of motor power, battery capacity, pedal assist, tire size, etc. This is also the main reason why these two bikes are considered evenly matched rivals. However, by comparing the details of the body design, display function, and riding protection, smart people will find that HiPEAK ELIAS is actually much stronger than RadPower RadExpand 5. Plus, ELIAS is $500 cheaper than RadExpand 5. As long as one is not misled by RadPower’s advertising, anyone would agree with the viewpoint stated at the beginning of this article and choose HiPEAK ELIAS.


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