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The Stewardess Bible Announces Final Module of Training Series

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‘The Chief Stewardess Bible’ gives superyacht stewardesses a comprehensive overview of managing housekeeping, crew management, and more

Miami, FL (PRUnderground) March 8th, 2020

Kylie O’Brien, founder of The Stewardess Bible, has just announced that she will soon be releasing the final module in her training series. ‘The Chief Stewardess Bible’ will offer a practical approach to areas including accounting, crew management, and housekeeping while providing tried and true strategies for success.

O’Brien, who has more than two decades of experience in the hospitality industry, founded The Stewardess Bible in 2011 to help other stewardesses get the most from their profession by sharpening their skills with training. While there aren’t many options when it comes to superyacht stewardess training, O’Brien has carved out a wealth of affordable and free resources that have proven valuable to superyacht stewardesses around the world.

All of the resources at The Stewardess Bible are available online, providing around the clock access for busy stewardesses who need to train at their own pace.

The Stewardess Bible has already fully released three in-depth training modules. The first of these, ‘Achieving Excellence in Service’, offers streamlined strategies for managing every day tasks. ‘Cocktails’, the second module, offers 21 chapters and 5 appendices dedicated to the ins and outs of making perfect cocktails. The third module, ‘Housekeeping Perfection’, offers an overview of housekeeping, including green alternatives to harsh chemicals, case studies, and motivational tips.

The fourth and final module, ‘The Chief Stewardess Bible’, will be available soon. This detailed blueprint to stewardess success takes an administrative look at the superyacht and helps stewardess see the yacht as an organization. This module includes sections on human resources, operational procedures, and project management. There are 9 chapters including ‘The Challenges of Working at Sea’, ‘Financial Management’, ‘Excelling in Guest Service’, and ‘Housekeeping Supervision’, as well as 18 appendices including sample letters of recommendation, service, rejection, and resignation; sample crew profile; basic sewing supplies; a sewing kit; and much more. Superyacht stewardess will get a look at managing their crew, housekeeping, accounting, service instructions, guest requirements, and more within a single easy to access resource.

Quoting John Quincy Adams, O’Brien said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

‘The Chief Stewardess Bible’ debuts on February 17, 2020, and the e-book will be available at

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