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The TeaBook Honors Harriet Tubman With Organic Tea in Her Name

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Los Angeles based tea company to honor abolitionist icon

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) November 6th, 2019

Harriet Tubman’s name is an iconic one that’s being celebrated in the new movie ‘Harriet’, and her legacy was set to be commemorated in 2020 on a newly redesigned $20 bill. Unfortunately, the current administration has failed to facilitate the design or release of such a bill in her honor. The bill would have featured Tubman, and celebrated legacies of abolitionists and women suffragettes, but now, it seems that it won’t happen.

One Los Angeles based company, The TeaBook, has announced that they will continue honoring Harriet Tubman with a tea in her name.

The team at The TeaBook is using their company to do something unique. They are using organic teas to teach people about history and current political events. For instance, Harriet Tubman is part of a series called ‘#EQUALITEA’, which features teas named for Martin Luther King, Jr., (MarTEAn Luther King Jr.) and AraMINTa Ross (the birth name of Harriet Tubman), Marie Curie (Radiant Hibiscus) the first woman to win a Nobel Prize).

In the AraMINTa Ross tea imagery (artwork by Chari Pere), special symbols are hidden: the Union Army symbol because she led them into the South to fight; a staff because one of her nicknames was ‘Moses’; the underground railroad with slaves in a cave; and the reward sign because she was wanted slave.

“Harriet is an example of the American ideal, that freedom and liberty are essential for life,” said Noah Bleich at The TeaBook.

About the inclusion of the new AraMINTa Ross tea to honor Harriet Tubman, Bleich said, “The more we researched her life, the more she impressed upon us, never stop fighting for equality.” AraMINTa Ross is a spearmint orange spice tea that can be purchased in two bundles or in its own pack.

“Other than sports stars, You don’t see many products with black people on the cover, we wanted to change that. In fact, a quick search on Amazon shows only books about Harriet Tubman,” said Bleich.

”All tea is one plant, Camellia sinensis, green, black, Darjeeling, Asam, and Ceylon. This is an analog for people, we are one species, different flavors,” said Bleich.

Tubman serves as an important historical example of someone who fought against inequality for women and African Americans alike. The new tea inspired by her likeness will be included in both the #EQUALITEA bundle and the Black HisTEAry series.

Considered an American hero, Harriet Tubman might not be featured on American currency in the near future, but The TeaBook is committed to honoring her legacy through teas and advocacy. More information can be found at

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