The Tissue Caddy Launches & Gives Environmentally-Friendly Way to Save Money by Using What Everyone Has

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Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) August 31st, 2022

With a “Why didn’t I think of that?” product idea that saves consumers cash, innovator Frank Sbragia has cracked the code on tissue waste. Enter the Tissue Caddy. It’s a revolution in a box designed to turn an everyday product into a multi-use solution. How so? With a decorative, reusable container and roll tissue for the bathroom, consumers can put the kibosh on buying endless boxes of tissue. Instantly doubling the amount of usable product, the Tissue Caddy saves consumers money. It also reduces waste, and it makes convenience king. Soft three-ply roll at the ready, anyone?

First to market, the Tissue Caddy works with a simple principle. Everyone buys roll tissue for their bathroom. So, why shouldn’t everyone nix the tissue boxes and go straight to the roll? With an attractive plastic box that contains a hidden, removable roller Sbragia has created a stylized roll tissue dispenser that can be conveniently placed throughout one’s home or office. Put the tissue on the specially designed roll, place it in the box, feed one end through the lid of the Tissue Caddy, close the box, then pull and tear off the amount of tissue needed for any single use. It even has a nifty latch on the lid to easily replace the empty roll.

So, here’s the math. Tissue boxes hold 50 feet of tissue, while roll tissue has 100 feet; that results in an immediately doubled cost savings. Here’s the environmental footprint. Trees are cut down to make tissue boxes, their production contributes to pollution, and recycling costs are entirely unnecessary. Best yet, here’s the freedom impact. Every Tissue Caddy is made in America.

Sbragia said, “The production of one-use decorative tissue boxes carries environmental consequences. Save a tree, save the earth. Save yourself some money because little moves toward the right things matter.”

The Tissue Caddy comes in three shipping options – a single, a two-pack, and a four-pack. Currently, it comes in off-white, beige, and grey granite.

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Frank Sbragia

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About Tissue Caddy LLC

Established by Frank Sbragia and based in Chicago, Illinois, Tissue Caddy LLC is a company that provides the marketplace with a convenient household product designed to help consumers and reduce waste.

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