The Ultimate Tool For B2B Commercial Teams, N.Rich’s ABM Platform is a One-Stop-Shop For Cross-Channel Ad Campaigns

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Unlike Any Other ABM Platform, N.Rich’s Free Self-Service UX Reduces ABM Program Launch From Months To Just A Couple Of Days

Helsinki, Finland (PRUnderground) April 6th, 2021

In today’s age, content is king. For businesses, this reality ultimately translates to a heavy reliance on advertising and content marketing in order to outrank competition and drive conversions. Commercial teams are constantly in need of resources to stay ahead of the game – without breaking the bank or falling short of expectations. The ever-present problem is that many advertising platforms cannot guarantee that marketing dollars are being spent on placing content in front of the right audience, that is most likely to turn into sales. 

Unlike any other advertising platform on the market, N.Rich is the only account-based marketing platform designed for B2B commercial teams who want to elevate and optimize their advertising efforts. The amount of money spent on R&D on the N.Rich ABM advertising component overshadows the competition, where resources have been divested into over-featuring their platforms with not-so-useful, but nice-to-have components.

Founded in 2016, N.Rich is the ultimate tool for businesses seeking to dominate their niche by using targeted online advertising and double their Return-On-Advertising-Spend (ROAS). Since its founding, N.Rich has rapidly become the industry leader in ABM advertising for its unique approach to the development of their advertising capabilities and risk-free business model. Leading through innovation, N.Rich’s self-service platform ensures that advertising content is served to target audiences across various channels in a matter of minutes, with no licensing fees to use the platform, but based on a CPC model. As a result, N.Rich is the only platform of its kind that can produce 10x ABM advertising results. 

The N.Rich platform allows users to place native-articles, programmatic videos, and Google display ads over multiple publisher websites that promote company content to relevant B2B audiences. This all-inclusive, self-service ABM platform integrates unique capabilities and oversights for users, including:

  • ABM Intent Dashboard
  • ABM Prioritized Accounts
  • ABM Firmographic Segmentation
  • ABM Technographic Segmentation
  • ABM Intent Segmentation
  • Account-level Analytics
  • ABM ROAS Attribution
  • ABM Trending Accounts
  • ABM Omni-Channel Tracking
  • ABM Opportunity Attribution
  • ABM Journey Analytics
  • Segment Data Import/Export
  • MAP Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • ABM Retargeting
  • ABM Google
  • ABM Native Advertising

“We at N.Rich do not believe in the currently popular “full service” ABM Platform model in which the ABM platform operates as a managed service ABM agency. We think ABM can only evolve through a self-serve software model (SaaS) that will be empowered directly by its users.”

– Markus Ståhlberg, CEO and Co-founder

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to empowering commercial teams around the world to take their advertising initiatives to unprecedented heights; N.Rich’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition. 

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About N.Rich

N.Rich is an Account-Based Marketing advertising platform founded in 2016 in Helsinki, Finland by Markus Ståhlberg (CEO) and Ville Maila (COO). Designed for B2B commercial teams and agencies around the world, N.Rich encompasses every aspect of account-based marketing in one seamless one-stop-shop. A trusted resource for some of the world’s largest B2B brands, N.Rich places native-articles, programmatic videos, and Google display ads at the user’s disposal to promote company content to relevant B2B audiences. N.Rich’s free self-service platform is empowering teams in various industries to take full control of their account-based marketing through strategic software that ensures content performs at the highest level.

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