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The US Based Popular Rapper & Software Engineer, Jae Williams, Announces His Startup Musician Toolkit

Industry: Entertainment

Jae Williams, a young Rapper and Software Engineer has gone a long way in life to effortfully built a solid enterprise application called "Musician Toolkit"

Dayton, OH (PRUnderground) June 21st, 2021

Jae Williams has announced to the public that Musician Toolkit is coming to solve the various common problems faced by so many other talented musicians out there. This is going to be the biggest Music Tech platform.

Laziness, they say, is always a blockage of success, and music has always turned out to be the best food for the soul and mind. With strong determination and a lot of perseverance, Jae Williams the young and getting it rapper and Software Engineer, has gone a long way in life to effortfully built a solid enterprise application that is already impacting two (Technology, and Music) industries positively at a go.

With Musician Toolkit, musicians will get access to tools such as a streaming calculator which will allow musicians to enter in the amount of streams they’ve gotten for a song on Spotify, Apple Music etc to see how much money they have made form their songs, along with a Spotify playlist analyzer and a musicians goodie bag page that will have links to resources like a website builder, free song mastering and more to help musicians build their fanbase.

The big breakthrough that Musician Toolkit has made is that it’s taken a swift pitch to successfully provide elegant solutions to almost all the “Big Bang” problems most upcoming and unsigned musicians are having, and it’s currently being adopted by other famous musicians in and out of Dayton in the United States. A tool similar to what Big Tech companies have built for their use, but that hasn’t been created (at least until now) for others who are not those Big Tech companies to use, too. The Musician Toolkit has broken that fat yolk.

In some sense, Musician Toolkit is somewhat reminiscent of a cadre of music software that bridging the gap between musicians and finance is partially a factor of increased vigilance of digital life, particularly among teens. It is not a rumor anymore that it’s being used by all musicians to assist with their music career.

According to Jae Williams. he said, we want to become a global Music Toolkit company and an investment space for most interested investors. We are planning to bring musicians in the music industry closer to their financial freedom. Yes, bringing up a functional platform with the latest standards is more expensive, but we are making sure that this is not just for the riches in the niche alone. It is meant for everybody who sees us as an opportunity to leverage on and partner with.

How to reach Jae Williams:

Website: http://me.jaewilliams.com/

Musician Toolkit: https://musiciantoolkit.app

Email: jesse@jaewilliams.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/imjaewilliams 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imjaewilliams

Facebook: https://Facebook.com/realjaewilliams

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