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The Valme Family Launches MK2 Mobile App To Educate the World of the Richness of Black History. The Goal of the App is to Make History Accessible To the Global Community

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African-American author and activist launches a mobile app to educate the citizens of the nation about Black history, systemic racism, and the plight of the African Americans

Houston, TX (PRUnderground) May 13th, 2022

Frit zValme, an author and an activist, was born in Haiti and spent most of his life in Jamaica Queens, New York. A reserved and private person, Valme found himself at a crossroads following the  brutal murderof George Floyd. The heiniouses of the  event, and the fact that an officer of the law could murder another human being in public with the callousness of someone swatting a fly off of his shoulder propelled Valme to agonize in anguish, and to rail against the hypocrisy that is America.

Fritz Valme recently wrote a thought-provoking book, “Diary Of An Angry Black Man.” In it, he describes America as a beacon of hope for many people. He calls out the “Whte Supremacist ideals and systems that plague and inform every sector of American society from educational to judicial, which continue to make a mockery of the so-called “melting pot.”

To counter the injustice, he has launched an app that celebrates African Americans  who through the arts, science, activism, inventiveness, and resilience made extraordinary accomplishments to literally every socio-economical and political sphere in this great nation. This app features significant events; some well known and others which languish in the annals of American history because the supremacists would have the rest of the world believe that minorities contributed very little to the founding of this country. According to Valme, nothing could be further from the truth.

The app features a person or event of interest for  each day of the year, and tells the story. Racism has divided and restricted this country’s access to education and resources.

In a recent interview Valme expressed the following.  “We’ve allowed ourselves to be undereducated, underfed, underprivileged and underrepresented for much too long, as if we are the minority. Are we? Are we really? Our so-called minority community comprises of  Asian  Americans, African Americans, Afro Caribbean Americans, Arabic American, Latin Americans, Jewish, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders,  Women, The LGBTQ+ c and the differently abled community. I ask again. How are we the minority? How are we allowing ourselves to be treated as the minority?

When pushed on the subject of diversity. Valme responded. “True, we are not a homogeneous society. We are all absolutely more different than we are alike. Those differences are to be embraced not ignored, stifled or criminalized .

While describing his experience with racism in his life, Valme said, “The televised murder of George Floyd angered me the most. The terror in her eyes infuriated me; it was heartbreaking that my daughter had to witness such atrocity so early in her life. As parents, we do our best to protect our children and give them the best future. But in a society that is entrenched in systemic and institutional racism, who do we put our trust in to protect our rights?

So, I channeled my anger into writing my book and launching the 365 Blaq app to spread the word and educate people about the African Diaspora in America and what they still face today.”

Fritze Valme foremely held a managerial position at a global airline catering firm in the USA but left for several reasons; one of which was his declining health due to the  onset of an aggressive brain tumor. Post recovery, Fritz has been keeping himself busy fighting for the cause of the African American community through his teaching, activism and  the written word.

He is working tirelessly to launch the MK2 in hopes of fighting racism through knowledge and education. He is currently working on his second book, and MK2 his first, but not last venture in the world of mobile application.

To learn more about the app and Valme’s first book, individuals can reach out to him using the contact and website information listed below.

About MK2

MK2 is a mobile app created by Fritz and his wife Cheryl. He is an American author,  activist and former operations manager at a leading global airline catering company in the US where he worked for over 30 years. Valme currently has one nonfiction memoir, Diary of an Angry Black Man, with a second ready for publication. MK2 will be the writer’s first mobile application.

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