Third Wave Presents: Coaching and the New Psychedelic Paradigm

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A groundbreaking online conference on the non-clinical use of psychedelics: May 20-21, 2022

Grandville, MI (PRUnderground) May 4th, 2022

Third Wave is excited to present Coaching and the New Psychedelic Paradigm, a 2-day online event that will feature a diverse range of speakers who will explore topics ranging from psychedelics and human potential to coaching applications within a psychedelic-assisted orientation.

Interest in psychedelic medicines is growing at an exponential rate. Investment in the psychedelic sector skyrocketed over 330% in just the last two years, with $2 billion in investment in 2021. The psychedelic market is expected to grow to ~$10.5 billion by 2027.1

These numbers, however, may be grossly underestimated because they are limited to medical outcomes, such as depression and PTSD. When the non-clinical use of psychedelics is factored in, the true market opportunity is likely considerably higher.

Research seems to back this up. Psychedelic use is growing faster than ever, up an astonishing 50% over three years.2 Curiously, this dramatic increase is not fueled by escapism.

According to one survey, 86.5% of psychedelic users are motivated by personal growth.3

“People are searching for meaning, depth, and purpose,” explains Paul F. Austin, founder of Third Wave. “They are looking for more effective and sustainable ways to enhance creativity and gain a performance edge in their careers. Psychedelic medicines hold enormous potential for accelerating personal and professional growth outside the clinical paradigm.”

The challenge is in the subtle nature of these medicines. Truly impactful outcomes require trained guidance. Skilled coaching and integration are critical to realizing this transformational potential.

As a global leader in psychedelic education and harm reduction, Third Wave is proud to facilitate the first-ever online conference exploring this potent intersection of coaching and psychedelics.

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The Summit will feature some of the most brilliant and accomplished leaders across several fields, including Ben Greenfield, Dr. David Rabin, Keith Ferrazzi, Peter Carnochan, Marie Mbouni, and many more.

Session topics include:

  • Integrating psychedelic methodologies into an existing coaching practice

  • Relationships and human connection in a psychedelic container

  • Psychedelics, high performance, and self optimization

  • How psychedelics are transforming executive coaching

  • The neuroscience of psychedelics

  • Psychedelic business and ethics

  • Legal landscape of psychedelic coaching

  • Accessibility and inclusivity in the psychedelic world

The conference will also feature an exclusive multimedia performance by East Forest, a leading producer of music for intentional psychedelic work, as well as a musical performance by Flow+Tell and live breathwork facilitated by Othership owner Robbie Bent.

Tickets cost $197, and there is an optional VIP upgrade for $97 that includes session recordings and exclusive bonuses.

This is a truly exciting development time for anyone interested in the cutting edge of coaching, human potential, transformation, and healing. Join the conversation with other practitioners, researchers, coaches, activists, and educators on May 20-21, 2022.

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About Third Wave

About Third Wave: Founded in 2015, Third Wave’s vision is to help co-create a global movement that embraces psychedelic use as a way to heal ourselves and our world. In support of that pledge, the company has built a cohesive platform that meets individual needs, offers guided support, enables integrated experiences, and fosters meaningful connections across a global ecosystem. As part of its Coaching Certification Program, Third Wave is also helping coaches to harness the incredible power of psychedelics to help clients move through patterns of resistance, emotional blockages, and limiting beliefs to create breakthrough results.

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