ThreeBestRated® Expert Mr. Matthew T. Gould Criminal Trial Lawyer Explains Changes In Impaired Driving Laws Of Canada

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Winnipeg, Manitoba (PRUnderground) March 5th, 2023

Driving while impaired simply refers to handling vehicles of all types while intoxicated that be with alcohol, drugs or both. Penalties for the offence can vary from mandatory fines in minimal damages to life imprisonment for serious cases. There is a special law in practice for this named “impaired driving laws”. There are fixed BAC & THC levels in the blood, Severe actions will be taken if the levels are more than what is permitted. Every year, There are thousands of impaired driving cases recorded. The life of the victim gets affected due to the law breach of the offender. Only a criminal lawyer who has expertise in the field can bring him/her justice. Recent ThreeBestRated® award winner for best criminal lawyer in Winnipeg for the year 2023 named Matthew T. Gould, a criminal trial lawyer, is kind enough to educate you on the present amendments of the impaired laws of Canada. Here is what you need to know,

Impaired Driving

Impaired driving is a complex area of criminal law that has progressed through drastic changes since the end of 2018. It is always important to stay on top of the evolving case law in all areas of criminal law, but it is particularly important with respect to impaired driving cases. Impaired driving cases are also unique as they often carry significant consequences outside of the criminal courts. For example, a conviction on an impaired driving case may influence whether someone is held responsible for the cost of repairing a vehicle that was involved in an accident related to the charge. Additional collateral consequences include the imposition of driving suspensions through the driving authority, above and beyond what is imposed by the courts, often several years longer. The details in an Impaired driving case are paramount. It is not unusual to find a strong defence on a case that, at first review, appears strong for the prosecution.

The penalties can differ with the degree of the offence. In the first offence, You can expect a minimum $1000 fine to ten years of imprisonment. For the second offence, It varies from a minimum of 30 days of imprisonment to 10 years. Whereas, Imprisonment for 120 days to 10 years is practised in the third offence, says the expert.

Every detail plays a key role in the progress of the case. Only having an experienced expert like Matthew T. Gould by your side will bring you fruitful results. It is because they know the exact approach of collecting details and approaching other experts on the purpose. It is as good as gold to opt for a criminal lawyer as soon as you are affected.

More About Matthew T. Gould Criminal Trial Lawyer

Since 2008, Matthew T. Gould is a prominent criminal trial lawyer who is recognized for providing top-class legal services in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is an associate at Brodsky & Company Barristers, an internationally recognized criminal defence law firm in the same. His availability to clients for reviewing and other consultations help him to reach every person along with a spot in ThreeBestRated® listing while crossing their rigorous 50-Point Inspection. He is an expert in providing effective trial counsel that draws on his courts’ expertise, professional skills, and experience to serve your needs better. Additionally, He makes himself available 24 X 7 for your emergency needs.

Brodsky & Company Barristers offer nothing lesser than expected results with their intelligence, legal knowledge, and courtroom experience. Toughly prepared in the courtroom and systematic legal research along with conciliatory negotiation remains the pillar for the success of the firm. Your first meeting with Matt Gould, at the offices of Brodsky & Company Barristers, is free. Get in touch with him at

Bail hearings, murder, fraud, appeals, theft, penalties, fraud, youth, and white collar crime, domestic violence and assault, weapon, and firearm offences, DUI law, shoplifting, drug and property related offences & homicides are the other important types of criminal cases handled by Matthew T. Gould.

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