“THUMPIN'” Onto The Radio! The ZYG 808’s Rising Hit Single & Video Debut’s on JAM’N 94.5

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As a prototype for the Polyphonic Studios P.A.D. artist development program, The ZYG 808's single THUMPIN' finds its way onto commercial, college, and community radio, podcasts, and streaming services, and a video that is putting him in front of new fans.

Bourne, MA (PRUnderground) August 5th, 2020

It was a Sunday night, and like many teens throughout Massachusetts, the radio was set to JAM’N 94.5 for ‘The Launchpad’ mix-show with DJ Chubby Chub. In this case, the teen was The ZYG 808 waitinf for the premiere of his single on the popular radio show. Sure enough, after a bunch of teaser mix-ins on other records, the words “Hit ’em with that old school flow…” ran, and an artist heard his record on commercial radio for the first time and erupted with excitement.

And…It DROPPED!!!!!#THUMPIN on #TheLaunchpad with DJ Chubby Chub!!!

Posted by Morgan James Peters on Sunday, July 5, 2020

The THUMPIN’ song and music video (seen below) has been steadily making it’s way onto terrestrial radio as well as the ubiqutious streaming platforms, and is gaining a consistent fanbase for the young artist. The THUMPIN’ project as well as his forthcoming follow-up singles are the prototype for the newly launched P.A.D. (Polyphonic Artist Development) Program, an academy for independent artists who are trying to develop the proper tools to enter the music business. The 4-month training program takes artists through the process of production, branding, developing a web and social media presence, and creating a promotion and marketing plan. http://polyphonicstudios.com/pad

The ZYG 808 is your typical, a-typical teenager. He started rapping at age 13, and at 14 was performing as a busker, rapping while playing the drums (the 808 in his name is a reference to the legendary drum machine), and used his earnings to finace his record label, Soul Poets Records. A year later he released a mixtape called “AT THE PARTY” which earned him two Grammy Nominations, and at 16 released his first studio album, “BoOMBAPJAZz”

THUMPIN’, is a reference to term “Southcoast Thump”, coined by The ZYG 808 as a name for the regional style and sound of hip-hop and funk eminating from the Southeastern region of Massachusetts; pioneered by such legendary groups, artists and producers as Busted Fro, Tem Blessed, Mwalim, Demme, and Da Rock.

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