Timeshare Users Group Celebrates 29 Years Providing Help & Advice to Timeshare Owners

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Founded in 1993 as the very first timeshare website on the Internet, TUG remains the best source of help & advice to owners looking to sell, rent or exit their timeshares

Orange Park, FL (PRUnderground) October 13th, 2022

Over the past three decades we have seen so many changes in the timeshare Industry, but one constant has always remained and that is owners looking for help when it comes time to end their Timeshare Ownership.

Be it selling, renting, exchanging or simply giving away an unwanted timeshare, TUG has helped hundreds of thousands of owners over the years by providing them the truth about how this industry works and how to identify all the scammers that exist to trick them out of even more money with “too good to be true” claims and marketing baloney.  TUG offers all of this help and advice completely free to anyone who needs it!

Timeshare Users Group now enters its 29th year remaining the first, largest and best source of information for timeshare owners on the internet.  If you are an owner and need help with your Timeshare, the TUG community is here for you 24 hours a day to help you with any question or issue you have relating to your ownership!

Timeshare Users Group was founded by Timeshare Owners, for Timeshare Owners and has been family owned since the beginning!  Discover the truth, and avoid becoming the latest victim of this industry that does its best to extract as much money as possible from owners each and every day!

Come learn why the most common phrase we here even three decades later years later is “I wish I would have found TUG before I bought a Timeshare”

About Timeshare Users Group

The Timeshare Users Group (TUG) was the very first Timeshare website on the internet and has been Providing the truth about timeshares to owners for over 30 years!

Started in 1993 by Timeshare Owners just like yourself, TUG is a Veteran founded, family run self-help organization providing an unbiased source of consumer oriented information and advice on anything timeshare related. Here at TUG you get the truth about timeshares for FREE!

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