Timeshare Users Group Explains Top Reason Timeshares Fail to Sell

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After 27 years, there is one single reason owners fail to sell a Timeshare on the resale market and fall victim to Scams, and that is asking too much money for it!

Orange Park, FL (PRUnderground) July 3rd, 2020

Sadly most Timeshares sell for between 0 and 10% of their original purchase price when disposing of them on the resale market, and that is not a typo!

Owners fail to realize this tragic fact and continue to ask for thousands of dollars more than the timeshare will ever realistically sell for!  This simple mistake results in the owner never having any legitimate interested parties contact them to buy, and serves as a dinner bell for the upfront fee resale and cancellation sharks that prey in these waters looking for just such a victim!  You can easily identify these scammers as they are happy to tell you the exact opposite, that they can easily sell your timeshare for you and get you money back for it!

Many owners price a resale timeshare like a used car, offering it for 50% off, or even 75% off what they originally paid for it assuming they can easily dispose of it with such a discount!  Most don’t realize that even at 75% off, their timeshare is priced thousands higher than the typical legitimate resale offered for that resort!  When you have other existing ads priced at $1, noone is ever going to look twice at an ad asking for $5000!

This disparity between the actual and perceived value is hands down the number 1 reason timeshare owners fail to sell or give away a Timeshare!  In fact this is such a huge problem, a group of owners just like you created this free advice article that explains the problem and how to avoid it!

The Number 1 Reason Owners are Unsuccessful in Selling a Timeshare

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