Timeshare Users Group Marketplace tops $19 Million in Successful Timeshare Rentals by Owner

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The Timeshare Users Group Online Marketplace is an industry leading platform for owners to rent out their own Timeshares without paying large upfront fees and zero commissions!

Orange Park, Florida (PRUnderground) June 10th, 2021

Providing solutions for Timeshare owners since 1993, Timeshare Users Group helps owners every day with renting out unused points or weeks as a fantastic way to recover some or all of the annual maintenance fees!

Providing owners the ability to create and customize a Timeshare rental ad in minutes, it has never been easier to get your ad in front of tens of thousands of potential renters!  TUG is a unique website that has established itself as the absolute best source of help and advice for owners, thus thousands of owners & vacation travelers come to our site day in and day out!

Existing Timeshare owners are far more likely to rent a Timeshare from another owner because they know how much money can be saved compared to renting hotels!  Thus TUG is one of the most popular websites for folks to shop for these amazing vacation rental deals!

Paying huge upfront fees to rent your timeshare is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as an owner since this industry is overflowing with scammers and shysters all looking to convince you to pay them a large upfront fee!  Meanwhile owners lucky enough to discover TUG find success renting themselves without the risk of being scammed or being asked for a large fee of any kind!

For any Timeshare owner considering selling their week or points, you can visit our marketplace right here to browse Timeshares for Rent by owner to see all our active listings or better yet get a great primer on what you can expect trying to sell a Timeshare with our free How to Rent Guide which is a free step by step guide on how to rent a Timeshare yourself and avoid scammers!

Finding TUG will be one of the best days of your Timeshare life!  There is a reason the most common phrase we hear from folks for over 27 years is:

“I wish I would have known about TUG before I bought my first Timeshare”!

About Timeshare Users Group

The Timeshare Users Group (TUG) was the very first Timeshare website on the internet and has been Providing the truth about timeshares to owners for over 30 years!

Started in 1993 by Timeshare Owners just like yourself, TUG is a Veteran founded, family run self-help organization providing an unbiased source of consumer oriented information and advice on anything timeshare related. Here at TUG you get the truth about timeshares for FREE!

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