Tiny Transitions Debuts Newborn Sleep Training Course for Expectant Parents

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Tiny Transitions helps parents get babies sleeping through the night through virtual and in-person coaching. The company is now equipping expectant parents with tools to head off sleep problems through a one-month interactive live course.

West Chester, PA (PRUnderground) June 28th, 2022

According to Tiny Transitions sleep consultants, a fussy baby is not inevitable. They maintain that proactive strategies can help expectant parents avoid common mistakes that lead to poor sleeping habits for babies. Tiny Transitions is teaching these strategies through a one-month live interactive masterclass.

“It’s far easier to set up healthy sleep habits from day one than to try and dismantle poor ones after the fact,” said Courtney Zentz, an award-winning sleep coach and founder of Tiny Transitions. “Our goal is to give new parents the skills and confidence they need to avoid exhaustion and anxiety that too often accompany new parenting.”

Registration is open now for the infant sleep help course. It starts July 18 and includes instructional sessions, live Q&A sessions, and membership into an online support community of fellow expectant parents. The course costs $249 and comes with a digital sleep tracker, an extensive library of “best of the best” resources for expectant parents, and a newborn sleep foundations book.

The course is entitled “Expecting Parents – How to Have a Baby Who Eats and Sleeps Well Without Needing to Sleep Train.” Its seven strategies accomplish the following:

  • #1: Helps newborns sleep well
  • #2: Helps parents get more and better sleep
  • #3: Makes it easy to sleep better in less than a week
  • #4: Gives attendees the confidence they need for their new role as parents
  • #5: Helps parents avoid the big mistakes that lead to the need for sleep training in the future
  • #6: Unlocks the real secret for getting babies to sleep well naturally
  • #7: Gets newborns sleeping and eating well from day one without traditional sleep training

The program will be taught by Erin Forish, who found herself exhausted and overwhelmed as she tried to get her three children under age 5 on a consistent sleep schedule.

“I’ve been there. Neither my husband nor I could function well at home or at work, and we were so tired we couldn’t see our way out of it,” said Forish.

Forish is part of Tiny Transitions’ Slumber Squad, a team of pediatric sleep coaches throughout the country who provide virtual and in-home sleep coaching using gentle methods customized to each child and family.

“We don’t want parents wasting their maternity leave feeling exhausted, worried, and frustrated. If they have the right tools, they can have a well-rested, well-nourished baby whom they can enjoy bonding with in a relaxed and loving way.”

In the past seven years, Tiny Transitions has served 2,500 clients and helped restore one million hours of sleep. They have received Tuck’s “Top Sleep Consultant in the U.S.” award and been featured by national media outlets such as Parentology, Romper, Yahoo, Fatherly, and Thrive Global. To learn more about the company or their masterclass for expectant parents, visit www.TinyTransitions.com.

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Tiny Transitions aims to help families build healthy sleeping habits and restore order in their homes. They offer a completely unique approach to sleep coaching and sleep training.

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