Tiny Transitions Sleep Coach Releases Guide to Help Families Navigate Daylight Savings

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With clocks “falling back” on November 6, kids may have trouble adjusting their circadian rhythms as darkness falls earlier. Courtney Zentz of Tiny Transitions is debuting a free sleep coaching guide to help families adjust to the change.

West Chester, PA (PRUnderground) November 1st, 2022

The end of Daylight Savings is coming on November 6, and that can wreak havoc on kids’ sleep schedules as their bodies adjust to darkness falling an hour earlier. Courtney Zentz, founder of the award-winning Tiny Transitions sleep coaching firm, is introducing a free resource to help parents and kids adjust smoothly.

“In our house, we call the end of Daylight Savings one of the most dreaded days of the year,” said Zentz. “Everybody’s dragging by the time dinner’s over, and it’s so painful to wake up the next morning. You work hard as a parent to establish these careful sleep patterns, and daylight savings can throw things out of whack.”

Zentz wants this year to be different for U.S. families, and she said they don’t need to start the change until Sunday, November 6. Zentz advises waking up leisurely on Sunday morning and changing the clocks. Her child sleep training guide walks parents through strategies for adjusting naps and bedtimes 30 minutes earlier than usual for several days before easing into the full one-hour adjustment. The guide includes a video and several sample schedules to fit one, two, and three-nap sleeping arrangements.

Zentz gives special recommendations for parents of newborns, who are not generally affected by Daylight Savings changes but still need help with regulated “awake windows.” The guide also troubleshoots kids waking up too early and taking longer to fall asleep and even recommends types of clocks for kids who depend on them to know when to wake up.

“It takes kids about a week to correct their circadian rhythms, and we don’t want their sleep schedules to fall apart in the process-especially when families are heading into the holidays,” said Zentz. “This guide lays out some simple, actionable tips to help families stay on track.”

Tiny Transitions’ “Slumber Squad” sleep consultants for babies and toddlers offer in-person and virtual sleep coaching around the world in both English and Spanish. They have helped more than 2,500 families end the bedtime battle and gain control of sleep schedules. They embrace customized solutions catered to each family’s unique needs rather than a one-size-fits-all technique.

Tiny Transitions was honored as a Top U.S. Sleep Consultant by Tuck and has been featured in Parentology, Romper, Yahoo, and Thrive Global. To learn more about their sleep coaching or book a free evaluation, visit www.TinyTransitions.com.

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Tiny Transitions helps families worldwide build healthy sleep habits and restore order in their homes. Their industry-leading certified infant and child sleep coaches offer gentle, customized sleep solutions through virtual and in-person consulting.

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