Tips On Buying Older-Model Cars: Which Ones To Avoid, According To CarBuzz

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Used cars may have some common problems, but here are a few safe bets to pick from

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) July 7th, 2022

Buying a used car can be a sound investment when done correctly. And, for those who don’t have the budget for a brand-new vehicle, it may be the only option for finding independent transport. Knowing which version of a used car to avoid and which to invest in can be helpful to those shopping for second-hand cars; CarBuzz offers the following tips in this regard.

Second-gen Toyota Tacomas

For those wanting a capable off-roader with performance that supports a high towing capacity, and a few extra seats for the kids, the 2nd-gen Toyota Tacoma is an ideal choice. Highly reliable and durable, the Tacoma pickup offers good fuel economy from its base engine, too.

2005-2008 models that spent a lot of time in rust-belt states are best avoided, as frame rot was a known problem of this era. 2009 models were prone to radio issues, and those fitted with 2.7-liter engines weren’t particularly impressive. 2010 models are better as they come with stability control and curtain airbags. 2013/2014 models are your best bet – 2014 cars received range-wide updates to the infotainment system, so those are your best bet.

Fifth-gen or Sixth-gen BMW 3 Series Cars

If you’re looking for a sportier sedan, the 3 Series should make it onto your shortlist. Older fifth-gen models from 2006-2011 have had numerous issues so if you’re hell-bent on buying an E90 BMW, opt for one of the 328 models from late 2009 or early 2010. If you can find one of the rare 335 models from 2011, you’d be even better off.

From 2012 to 2019, the 6th-gen 3 Series, known as the F30 BMW was available with a diesel engine but is a model best avoided. The 340i comes with a 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder – and, important for those who have a family – a usable back seat and cargo space to compliment it.

Ninth-gen Honda Accords

Praised highly for its excellent fuel economy, good handling, and peppy engines, the 9th-gen Honda Accord makes for a brilliant acquisition for the whole family. Produced between 2013 and 2017, the Accord you’d be happiest with would be one with the 3.5-liter V6 and automatic transmission – if you can find one in EX-L trim, you’ll be getting all the bang for your buck. It gets great gas mileage, has the benefits of a facelift, and comes loaded with features for a reasonable price.

Additionally, a safety review of the Accord of this vintage in the USA returns excellent results, even for the base model at the time.

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