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Hamilton, Canada (PRUnderground) March 10th, 2023

Waking up in a new home is exciting and thrilling. But on the other hand, the moving process may be a back-breaking task for you. You have to wrap all your belongings and shift them to your new home without damaging them. You can manage to move the small things, nevertheless, when it comes to huge things it will be challenging as they demand proper techniques and practices that you might not be aware of. So we reached out to Smart Movers, a 2023 ThreeBestRated® award-winning moving company from Hamilton, ON, to share with us their techniques and practices to move the furniture without any damage.

  • Furniture when dismantled is easy to carry and also won’t burden you much, so start with dismantling the furniture. Remove the knobs, legs, shelves, drawers, etc., as much as you can. It prevents the furniture and the walls/doors from dents or scratches when you move them.
  • After disassembling, wrap the furniture using a moving blanket, bubble or shrink wrap, bags, cardboard, etc., as required.
  • Put the disassembled parts and other small things into sealable plastic bags or cardboard and seal them with taps to avoid missing anything.
  • Wrap delicate pieces of furniture like mirrors and upholsteries with bubble wrap and plastic wrap respectively to prevent the furniture from moving during transit.
  • Make use of moving blankets that are heavy pieces of cloth, engineered to provide cushioning to whatever it covers. So it reduces the risks of damages during the move.
  • Use foam sheets or bubble wrap to fill the empty space inside the package to prevent things from collapsing during the move.
  • Even after you wrap, you may still find it difficult to load the things into the truck on your own. Let the hand truck or dolly do it for you. But, ensure you use a truck/dolly that is addressed to carry the weight of your furniture.
  • Finally, when you load the furniture into the truck, place the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter on the top – explains the firm.

On top of all, there is a one-stop solution to make a hassle-free move – that is hiring a professional moving company. Being professionals, they know all the intricacies to wrap and move your belongings with low to no possibility of damage. They also make your process easier and save much of your time.

The Specialty Of Smart Movers:

As the name implies, they are smart in the moving process. They are a team of extensively experienced movers who are dedicated to providing efficient and stress-free moving services to their customers. Be it a big move or a small move, they can make it possible! They carefully analyze the specific needs and concerns of every customer to tailor their service according to them. They take pride in their ability to give attention to detail so as to exceed the customer’s expectations and this is what takes them through the rigorous 50-Points Inspection of ThreeBestRated® to be ranked as a top moving company in Hamilton, ON.

They strive to provide exceptional customer service; they keep the customers informed of every progress in their move. Using the latest technology along with their knowledge they guarantee that everything reaches the destination in the same condition it was in when packed. “Overall it is our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and quality moving services that truly sets us apart and makes us proud of what we do” – exclaims the firm.

Exciting Plans For The Year!

They are never satisfied with where they are now as they always try to keep themselves ahead of the competition. This year also they have come up with exciting plans to improve their service. They are looking to expand their service by opening new locations in key markets so that their customers can easily access their service. And, they are planning to provide exclusive offers with competitive pricing to make their clients smile all year round. “With these plans in place, we are confident that we will continue to be the leading choice for moving services and provide our customers with the quality and reliability they have come to expect from us.” – says the firm.

Residential moving, piano moving, office moving, assembling, assembling & packing, pool table moving, carbo delivery, garbage moving, long distance moving are the services provided by the firm.  To get their assistance in your moving process, visit their website:

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