To Move, or Not to Move – Monique Nicole Interiors Leaves Homeowners Speechless in Season 1 of A&E’s ‘Move or Improve’

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Monique Nicole Interiors specializes in transforming new homes into luxurious and comfortable spaces where busy women, entrepreneurs, or families can unwind in style

Hampton Roads, VA (PRUnderground) February 2nd, 2023

On the tail end of a global pandemic, it is a safe assumption that all are aware of how important the serenity of one’s home, space, and haven is, right? In a society that overwhelms consumers with new trends by the minute, it can be difficult to navigate what constitutes one’s style, what feels like ‘home’, and how to pull that vision out of the mind and translate that into interior design. However – one Interior Decorator has captivated the eyes, minds, and hearts of thousands on A&E’s ‘Move or Improve’ for her unparalleled eye for luxury design, personal touch, and impeccable style.

Monique Nicole Interiors was proud to be a featured Interior Decorator on Season 1, Episode 17, of A&E’s new home improvement show ‘Move or Improve’ where homeowners are challenged to renovate their current property for improvements or move altogether. Filmed in June 2022 and aired in October 2022, Monique’s ‘Move or Improve’ clients, Mya and Kennedy are both transgender and have two biological children, who purchased grandma’s home in rural Virginia, in hopes of escaping the hustle and bustle of Washington DC.

While their current home held sentimental value as Mya’s grandmother’s cute and cozy home, it was becoming too small for a family of four. Mya was using one of the three small bedrooms as her home office and as Kennedy’s closet. In addition, the two boys shared a small bedroom that they were outgrowing, along with one small bathroom that the entire family shared.

Faced with the decision of renovating or moving altogether, they turned to Monique for guidance. Like most of her clients, Mya and Kennedy struggled with the ability to envision a newly renovated home, that would accommodate their family of four.

Eager to alleviate the stress and headache of the situation, Monique crafted the most magnificent design plan, which included an additional main bedroom, with an ensuite bathroom for Mya and Kennedy, as well as a new design concept to renovate the current bathroom for their boy’s use. The renovation plan not only blew Mya and Kennedy away, but viewers as well — encompassing an entire luxury, yet functional renovation for their home from top to bottom.

“I really enjoyed helping the Kennedy family envision the possibilities of how they could experience their home in a more functional and beautiful way, that would express their everyday lifestyle. As a result, the Kennedys were able to make the best decision for their family to either Move or Improve their home.”

To find out if the Kennedy Family decided to Move or Improve their home, view the episode here: .

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Monique Nicole is a Certified Interior Decorator who founded Monique Nicole Interiors in 2012, serving the residents of New Jersey and New York but has since branched out to serve the Hampton Roads area of Virginia as well as a select global clientele. Monique specializes in custom full-home interior decorating for new homeowners, handling every detail from start to finish, while they enjoy a one-of-a-kind, red carpet, unforgettable, luxury design experience. Monique’s experience as a former corporate advertising executive, enables her to understand the challenges of balancing work and life while wanting a beautiful, comfortable, functional place to come home to.Her services are tailored to fit the individual needs of each client, whether they’re looking for full-home interior decorating for new homeowners or e-decor for the traveling, busy professional.

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