ToolCASE Partners With Corelation Inc. to Work in Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Industry: Information Technology

Denver, CO (PRUnderground) July 27th, 2020

Denver-based tech company, ToolCASE, has partnered with software company, Corelation, to provide credit unions with real-time fraud prevention.

Corelation is a leading credit union core banking provider and has partnered with ToolCASE for its Informant Risk Solution technology. With the Keystone Core platform, Corelation can leverage real-time analytics and Artificial Intelligence offered by ToolCASE to its base of clients.

Since 2009, Corelation has been driving innovation in credit union core processing. With the ToolCASE RembrandtAI™ Suite, Corelation is able to offer some of the most advanced data analysis tools to its clients.

In the face of COVID-19 businesses are having to adjust to new normal from loss of employees, to reduction of department personnel, to management of online services, and movement to an online work force.

Amid these changes, however large or small, a shift in fraudulent activities grows. Fraudulent players are diversifying their activities across the board and expanding into the less-protected company and consumer touchpoints. How are companies to monitor and protect themselves when their own businesses are making major shifts at present?

This is where ToolCASE comes into play. They are focused on fostering new relationships and taking practical steps in executing extreme care of client’s online systems.

For over two decades, ToolCASE, LLC has specialized in remote Oracle Database Administration, Linux/Unix System Admin and System Storage Admin. Their expertise lay in real-time risk and fraud detection for their clients.

RembrandtAI™, their proprietary AI system, gives institutions the ability to identify fraud and measure risk in real-time, across all channels, with an easy to use visual dashboard. They detect fraud as it’s happening.

Some of the top fraudulent activities for companies and consumers to be aware of are in addition to the listed above are:

  • Fraudulent emails/masked emails that capture consumer information or to divert money
  • Return fraud
  • Account takeovers – used to gain access to personal information, loyalty points, monetary information, etc.
  • Phishing and charity scams
  • Online versions of card skimming
  • Bogus referral credits

The list does not stop there. Now is a critical time for companies that rely heavily on manual reviews to take into consideration automation for fraud prevention across their platforms.

Headquartered in the Denver Technological Center, ToolCASE has clients located throughout the United States and provides their customers with a wide range of remote database administration and system administration service delivery options.

They maintain and enhance the reliability, stability, and redundancy of their customer’s IT systems through proactive monitoring, administration, and recommend architecture and system parameters, following proven and tested industry best practices.

ToolCASE caters their products to the following industries:

Airlines, Financial services, Business services, Oil & Gas, Retail & online stores, Health and medical, Government, Manufacturing, and Transportation.

According to the owners, “We are changing the world by defining the next era of diversity leveraging data, analytics, and cognitive technology for greater innovation and inclusion.”

For more information, please contact:

Sam Piccolotti


About ToolCASE, LLC

Delivering world-class support services for two decades ToolCASE, LLC is an IT services firm specializing in remote Oracle Database Administration, Linux/Unix System Administration and System Storage Administration. Founded in 1992, ToolCASE has over 2 decades of experience helping our customers envision, plan, implement, and support Oracle-based database environments across a variety of industries.

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